Tikkurila Paint Review – by Mike Gregory

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Tikkurila is a Finnish paint brand which has been available in the UK for the last 18 years or so. In that time, they have really stamped their mark in the decorating world, particularly amongst sprayers. All the products have funny names, most are top quality, some are remarkable value for money, and a few are a little bit dodgy. We also have a comparison list as well as this paint review which you will find very useful if you’re new to the brand.

As a professional decorator I have been using Tikkurila products for some time now. By and large I’m impressed, so I thought I’d write a quick Tikkurila paint review based on the products I am most familiar with. I’m sorry I can’t go through the whole range, but I will be completely honest about each paint product. If you deal directly with Tikkurila they can often match colours from other brands. Or you can pick colour cards up online or in store. The range of colour isn’t vast like some of the other brands, but they still have plenty of selection.


Tikkurila Optiva Primer Review


A bit of a basic and boring product to start my Tikkurila Paint review with, but Optiva Primer is basically a contract matt designed to prime bare plaster. It is the perfect base for any emulsion product to go on over the top. Optiva primer goes on lovely whether you’re using a brush and roller, or an airless sprayer. It does what it needs to as well as can be expected.



Tikkurila Super White Review


The make-up of Tikkurila super white is similar to contract matt in that it contains very little in the way of polymer binder. However, unlike the Optiva Primer, you can use this product as a finish coat. When sprayed through an airless you’ll find this product amazing. The overall finish really is lovely and sharp, although you can’t touch it up at all so keep it away from building sites. If you’re using a brush and roller you will be better going for the Tikkurila Anti-Reflex in my opinion. I just find the Super White drags a little bit and roller marks can be visible on a big ceiling.



Tikkurila Optiva Colour Review


Optiva Colour is is similar to a standard vinyl matt. I have only used it once so I’m not going to write an essay on it. The finish is good, opacity very poor! I’m talking 3 coats over walls which had already been coated in Optiva primer.

Just to put that into context, you would expect a brand like Dulux to go in 2 coats on top of bare plaster, so Tikkurila is twice the amount of labour and materials! Apparently, they have improved their formula slightly, so I may owe Tikkurila an apology. I’d avoid this one though.



Anti-Reflex 2


From a bad product, to a great one! Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2 is available in white, magnolia and pastel colours, but I have only used white. The overall finish is to die for! There is very little sheen to the paint, making it perfect for light critical ceilings and walls.

Anti-Reflex is fairly durable too, so you can use it on a kitchen or bathroom ceiling. You will never see roller marks or picture framing. Even blemishes in plasterwork don’t show as much.

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2 leaves a rich luxurious finish and it was recently voted the best white emulsion for ceilings on the Decorators Forum UK.  It’s cheap too! The only criticism I do have is the opacity isn’t too good. Just apply big heavy coats of the stuff and you’ll be fine.

Easy 9/10, an amazing product! Click here for a full review.

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex is the best emulsion paint for a ceiling

Tikkurila Ceramic Optiva 3 Review


This is one of the flattest emulsion products on the market and one of the best!! Opacity, ease of use and depth of colour are all perfect. You will never see any picture framing or roller marks, which is remarkable considering it has a certain amount of durability once fully cured. Anyone can apply this paint and achieve an immaculate finish. This is the perfect emulsion for a hallway.

10/10 from me. Easily one of the best emulsion products on the market


Optiva 5 – Durable Matt


Tikkurila Optiva 5 is probably one of the better durable matt emulsions on the British market right now. It outperforms Dulux Diamond and Johnstone’s Endura, plus it’s a lot cheaper. I’d probably avoid Tikkurila Optiva 5 in white as the finish and opacity aren’t great, but in colours, this is a great product! The finish is just so rich and remarkably flat for a durable emulsion. Opacity and ease of use are bang on too. I’d recommend Tikkurila Optiva 5 to anyone.

Another 8/10 Click here for a full review.


Tikkurila Vinyl Matt Review


This is the newest Tikkurila paint on my review, and the only one with and English name. Tikkurila vinyl matt is the best “standard” trade matt I have ever used (without spending big money on premium brands). Ease of use, opacity, sheen level and depth of colour are all bang on. I can’t really fault this product in any way. Oh, except in white; as with some of the other Tikkurila emulsion products in white, the opacity and overall finish is a bit naff.

9/10, it would be top marks if it wasn’t for the white. Click here for a full review.


Tikkurila Multistop Review – Primer / Stain Block


Let’s have a look at some of the timber products from Tikkurila. Multistop is basically an acrylic primer / undercoat with stain blocking ability and some adhesion quality. Oh, it smells lovely too! I love this product, but a lot of other decorators would disagree with me. Opacity is good, ease of use is good, it sprays beautifully and there is no need to treat knots on bare timber before using it as the product does that job for you. I even use it on pre-primed MDF when using oil-based finishes from other brands. Based on my own experience, I’d say this stuff is great. It is expensive though and recoat time is 16 hours which is ridiculous for an acrylic. I have seen other decorators complaining because it doesn’t hold back stains as well as Tikkurila might have you believe.

I’ll go 7/10 for Tikkurila Multistop. Click here for a full review.


Tikkurila Helmi Primer, Helmi 10, 30 and 80 – Water-Based Trim Paint


Right, let’s talk about the Helmi range, which is Tikkurila’s water-based eggshell (Helmi 10), Satinwood (Helmi 30) and gloss (Helmi 80). They are all pretty much the same to apply. The number on each product relates to its sheen level, so Helmi 30 would be 30% sheen. You should always use Helmi as a system and go with the specified primer as your topcoat will always sit nicer.


As far as water-based trim products go, Helmi is crap to apply by brush and roller. Plus, it isn’t what I’d call durable once cured. You’ll find it very loose, hard to control and you’ll have issues with brush marks.

However, this is still a good product for one simple reason; you will not find a trim product which is easier or looks better when applied via sprayer. Honestly, if you intend to spray your woodwork you will LOVE this stuff. No need to thin it either, the product is good to go.

7/10 – don’t use it unless you’re spraying though. Click here for a full review.


Tikkurila Finngard Review – Smooth Masonry Paint


Another quality product, this time we’re talking about a masonry paint. Tikkurila Finngard has brilliant opacity and the ease of use is bang on, whether being brushed or sprayed. A very low sheen leads to a luxurious flat finish. Unfortunately, there are a couple of issues to report. The first is the price which is around twice that of Dulux Weathershield!! Tikkurila Finngard is good, but it isn’t twice as good as Dulux. The other issue I have is you need a separate primer called Hydrosol for bare masonry. I don’t like having to buy separate products, especially when my “finish” is so expensive.

6/10 – a good product but the price spoils it.


Tikkuril Valtti Opaque Review


Valtti Opaque is a water-based multi-surface paint designed for exterior use on timber such as doors, windows and fascia boards, similar to Demidekk, or Zinsser All Coat. It can be tinted to any Tikkurila colour, touch dry in around an hour and re-coat in 2. Opacity is good and the overall finish is as good as any water-based trim product. Valtti Opaque is a very eay paint to use.

9/10 – I’d recommend this to anyone


Tikkurila Otex Adhesion Primer Review


Tikkurila Otex is an oil-based adhesion primer designed to be used inside as well as out. It can be tinted into most colours and the opacity is brilliant. As well as adhering to problem surfaces, you can also use it on bare timber and it makes the perfect base for your “top-coats”. It’s touch dry in an hour, but as with most oil-based paints, it needs a good 16 hours to cure before you paint over it.

9/10 – another great product!!


Tikkurila Miranol Review – High Gloss


I couldn’t write a Tikkurila paint review without including Miranol. This is a high gloss which can be used on the exterior of a property as well as the interior. This is a hidden gem!! Miranol is oil-based with a re-coat time of around 16 hours and the standard undercoat for this product is the Tikkurila Otex adhesion primer. The only downside is it’s a 3-coat system over previously painted surfaces (1 primer and 2 top-coats), but you should do this with exterior gloss in any brand. The sheen level, depth of colour and overall finish of Miranol is second to none!! The best bit, it’s about half the price of Dulux Trade Weathershield which represents amazing value!!

Another well deserved 9 / 10!!


Best Place to Buy Tikkurila Paint


Tikkurila paint is starting to pop up all over the place now due to the growing popularity amongst professional decorators. As well as independent merchants, you can actually buy directly from Tikkurila online. The prices are generally competitive with other TRADE brands. If you are a professional decorator, you will be eligible to sign up to the “Tikkurila Pro-Club”. This will give you access to a trade discount. All you need to do is create a Pro Club account online.


Brand Summary

Tikkurila Paint Review - by Mike Gregory - Decorator's forum UK

A very modern Finnish paint brand owned by PPG. Tikkurila is distributed in the UK by Valtti.

Product Brand: Tikkurila

Editor's Rating:


  • Some brilliant products, including one that is widely regarded as the best ceiling paint available.
  • Readily available.
  • Competitive prices.


  • It’s difficult to navigate the Finnish product names.
  • There is the odd dodgy product (like all paint brands).



What country is Tikkurila paint from?

Tikkurila paint is a Finnish brand and is exported all over Europe. It’s now owned by PPG, who operate worldwide, but Tikkurila paint is still manufactured in Finland.


Is Tikkurila paint washable?

Tikkurila Optiva 5, Optiva 20 and Luja all very durable emulsion paint products, which means they’re very washable.


Do Tikkurila match Colour?

Yes, you can contact Tikkurila directly by clicking here, and they will match most colours from other brands. If they can’t match the colour you need, then you could always buy your paint from Decorating Centre Online, who are experts in colour matching. Click here to visit Decorating Centre Online.

Updated May 26, 2024 | Posted May 4, 2020 | 16 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.
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  1. Mark McCarthy

    I’ve used most of the products mentioned here on a regular basis and agree with all of the reviews. The only thing I disagree with it the finish of Helmi. I have found this to be the finest paint finish I’ve ever seen applied by a brush. Otherwise the reviews are very accurate. Seriously high quality paint.

    • Jonathan

      Have only used Optiva 5, Helmi 10 and 30 and Otex Akva (water based) and agree. Optiva 5 is amazing. Been matching it to Farrow and Ball colours and it’s great. Been using Helmi 10 over Otex Akva applied by brush for all woodwork and find it delicious. Took a while to get used to but you have to read the bumph. Spread it on quite thick and don’t try to brush it out. Trust it. It will self level and looks as smooth as an oil paint.

    • Regan

      Great review! Totally agree with Mark. Helmi is my main product used on woodwork at the minute. Akva or otex primer followed by helmi with a touch of water. Black foam mini roller sleeves or Purdy brush finish is awesome.
      I also use Optiva 5 on most jobs. Primer followed by two coats of Optiva5. Covers well, the finish is amazing. Only fault i found is with the strength. On my own house a slight bang brings it off. Wipes down Great though.
      (Optiva 3 is poor opacity but is sopposed to be more durable). Used this once but 3 coats over a similar colour is a no no.


    • Rupert

      I’ve also found that Helmi (30) provides an excellent finish by brush. A little thinning helps.

      • Rupert

        Has anyone had experience with Ultra Classic?

        • matt collins

          ultra classic teamed with otex primer oudoors lasts for years on wood metal almost everything proper quality product

        • matt collins

          fantastic for out door work with otex primer

    • Angie

      Hi, I have spoken with Tikkurila about painting over varnish and oil based eggshell paint on kitchen cupboards. I want to use the Helmi range. They have said I only have to key the surface, no need for an undercoat. Is this right in your opinion??

  2. Noel Mahon

    Been using feelings furniture paint on pre primed kitchen units so laying down a base coat of futura aqua undercoat in same colour to try and give it some depth. I like the finish of feelings but I struggle with brush marks even after Laying off with decent laying off brush spraying water on surface,even added Owatrol but still not hundred percent happy,Any body got any advice.Used the Akva no problem

  3. richard

    Optiva colour the standard vinyl matt in deep colours is 2nd to none. Around half the stainers compared to main brands, touches up very well no banding etc, for feature walls ideally.
    Bizarrely the lighter colours are not as good in this product.
    Tikkurila did say this is getting addressed and reformulated, they recommended the 3pc sheen vinyl matt instead.
    I find range pretty good
    anti reflex2 is a cheap option durable matt for same price as standard mainstream vinyl matts.
    The durable matt optiva 5 is far better than johnstones dulux etc.
    Possibly actually too many options as bit bamboozled with choices.

  4. Antony Brown

    I’ve been using mirinol on woodwork with a bit of conditioner in it. Only thing I would say is not a brilliant white. For the price can’t knock optima colour. Always use anti reflex for ceiling’s.

    • Trevor Henson

      Found Helmi 30 very good.white anti reflex is now the paint I use for ceilings love the Matt Finnish and found it covers well I know some people don’t agree with this.

  5. Nikki

    Anybody used their floor paint?

    • Tomcio

      Otex is not (never was), for a bare wood.

  6. H McGarry

    Weve had a terrible experience with the Optiva 20 paints (colours) and will need to repaint the appalling state of our interior walls again because of it. Wouldn’t touch it again..Tikkurila blamed the painter whom we have known for years, then they blamed the house, particularly recessed lights. However, we tested everything giving them the benefit if the doubt and then painted two sections of wall and waited..lo and behold, walls are clean and pristine. Wish I could post photos here.. walls are currently stained and grubby and not washable. It looks like the inside of a dingy cave and regardless of contacting T, no one was helpful. Crap paints.. absorb everything and become grumpy within weeks.

  7. Kate

    Hi Mike, I’ve noticed you have reviewed a lot of products and was wondering if you could help.
    I currently have zinnser allclean on my walls and zinnser allcoat matt on my woodwork which was all painted just over 18months ago but already looks grubby. I was going to invest in the Benjamin Moore Scuff X but having done a bit of digging they don’t do RAL colours 🙁 is the Tikkurila Optiva 5 better than the allclean? and also what woodwork paint is better than the zinnsser allcoat for scuffs etc, proving hard to get them off even with a magic sponge. Thanks so much in advance, your reviews are really helpful I think I have read so many but still in a pickle of what to go for. Thanks 🙂


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