Tikkurila Product Comparison List




· Anti Reflex 2 – Anti-reflective, Non-flashing, Full Matt Emulsion



· Optiva Primer – Tintable Drywall Acrylic Primer, Unifies Surfaces, Evens Out Absorbency and Aids Adhesion of Topcoats

· Luja Primer – Highly Adhesive, Acrylic Primer Containing Anti-Mould Agent for Use on Walls & Woodwork with Luja Hygiene Paint System

· Arkostop – Waterbased Stain Blocking Primer for Nicotine, Water Staining, and Ink. Suitable for Brush And Spray Application


Durable Emulsions

· Optiva Ceramic 3 – Flat Matt Durable Emulsion, 3% Sheen

· Optiva Matt 5 – Durable Matt Emulsion, 5% Sheen

· Optiva 7 – Durable Soft Sheen Emulsion, 7%

· Optiva Semi Matt 20 – Durable Eggshell Emulsion, 20% Sheen

· Joker – Zero Emission, Odourless, Hypoallergenic Emulsion, 7% sheen

· Lumi – Durable, Brilliant White, Light Enhancing, Matt Emulsion


Standard Trade Emulsions

· Optiva Colour- High Solids Matt Emulsion.

· Nova 2 – Flat Matt Trade Emulsion

· Nova 7- Soft Sheen 7% Emulsion

· Nova 20 – Acrylic Eggshell


High-Performance Hygiene Coatings

· Luja 7 – Anti Mould, Moisture Resistant, Durable Emulsion, 7% Sheen

· Luja 20 – Anti Mould, Moisture Resistant, Durable Emulsion, 20% Sheen

· Luja 40 – Anti Mould, Moisture Resistant, Durable Emulsion, 40% Sheen


Functional paints

· GrafoTherm – Anti Condensation Coating for Steel Structure


Furniture & Fixtures, Doors & Windows:


· Helmi Primer – Quick Drying Waterbased Acrylic Primer for Wood

· Everal Aqua Primer- Acrylic Primer for Wood and Metal

· Multistop – Waterbased Stain Blocker Formulated to Reduce Tanning

· Otex Akva Primer – Water-based Adhesion Primer for Multi Surface; Previously Painted Wood, Metal, UPVC, Glass and Tiles.

· Otex Adhesion Primer – Solvent Based Adhesion Primer for Multi Surfaces, Previously Painted Wood, Metal, UPVC, Glass and Tiles. (Suitable for Internal and External Use)


· Helmi 10 – Quick Drying, Acrylic, Eggshell Trim Paint, 10% Sheen

· Helmi 30 – Quick Drying, Acrylic, Satin Trim Paint, 30% Sheen

· Helmi 80 – Quick Drying, Acrylic, Gloss Trim Paint, 80% Sheen

Internal Woodwork; Skirtings, Doors & Windows

· Everal Aqua 10- Acrylic Enamel for Wood and Metal. Matt, 10% Sheen

· Everal Aqua 40- Acrylic Enamel for Wood and Metal. Semi Matt (SATIN), 40% Sheen

· Everal Aqua 80- Acrylic Enamel for Wood and Metal. Gloss, 80% Sheen


Solvent Based Lacquers

· Unica Super 20 – Solvent Based Urethane Alkyd Lacquer (Suitable for Internal & External use)

· Unica Super 60- Solvent Based Lacquer Exterior (Clear and Tinted) Semi-Gloss 60% Sheen

· Unica Super 90- Solvent Based Lacquer Exterior (Clear and Tinted) Full Gloss 90%

PLEASE NOTE: This product must be tinted to a stain colour when using externally.


Spray Application

· Akvi Primer – Fast Drying Water-based, Spray Applied Wood Primer

· Akvi DS 25 – Fast Drying Water- based, Spray Applied Wood Coating (25% sheen)




Masonry Primers

· Hydrosol Primer – Waterbased Masonry Stabiliser, used to bind old chalky surfaces, evens out absorbency and improves adhesion of masonry paints.


Masonry Topcoat

· Finngard Silicone Protect – Flat Matt, Durable, Breathable, Masonry paint. (Up to 10 years+)

· Finngard Opaque – Acrylic, Alkyd, Reinforced, High-Performance Masonry Paint. (15 years+)


Timber Primers

· Ultra Primer- Undercoat for Exterior Wood Surfaces. Designed for Use with Ultra Classic

· Otex Adhesion Primer – Solvent Based Interior and Exterior Quick Drying Adhesion Primer


Timber Topcoats

· Ultra Matt – Water-based, Quick Drying, Matt, High Performance, Opaque, Wood Coating

· Valtti Opaque – Water-based, Quick Drying, Semi Matt, Elastomeric, Opaque, Wood Coating

Wood Stains

· Valtti Color Extra – Solvent based, high build, semi-gloss wood stain.

· Valtti Plus Kesto – Waterborne, durable semi matt wood stain, up to 10 years+ life span.


uPVC Primer

· Otex Adhesion Primer – Solvent Based Interior and Exterior Quick Drying Adhesion Primer

uPVC Topcoat

· Pansarri Akva – Quick Drying UPVC, Cladding, Steel and Roofing Paint



If you would like any more information on any Tikkurilla product, please feel free to visit them at your nearest stockist. Alternatively you can check out their website https://www.tikkurila.co.uk


tikkurila product comparison list

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Tikkurila Product Comparison List