Tikkurila Vinyl Matt Review

Updated Feb 13, 2024 | Posted Feb 2, 2022 | Product Review, Paints | 5 comments

Tikkurila have become a household name amongst decorators now, which is remarkable considering no one had heard of them ten years ago. In a world of social media, marketing is becoming less relevant.

Decorators talk amongst themselves online, and news about good products travels fast. This is how Tikkurila have grown so much in status in such a short amount of time. I’m lucky enough to live close to a Pro Centre, but most decorators buy their Tikkurila products online which you can do by clicking here.

I digress, as I’m here to write about Tikkurila’s newest product, their long-awaited vinyl matt. You can buy this product in any colour from Tikkurila’s vast range, and it is best suited on interior walls and ceilings. Re-coat time is around 3 hours. You can brush, roll, or spray this product.


My Tikkurila Vinyl Matt Review


Right, let’s get down to it. This is the first Tikkurila product that comes with a standard English name. I assume that’s a result of the PPG takeover, but I’m only guessing. Speaking of PPG, as they now own Tikkurila, I’ve seen a lot of decorators assuming this vinyl matt will be very similar to Johnstone’s Covaplus. I can tell you now, it is nothing like covaplus!

For a start, Tikkurila vinyl matt comes with a class 2 scrub rating, making it more durable than most other trade vinyl matt emulsions on the market.

Plus, you can tell it’s different when you start to apply it. It just sort of sits perfectly on itself and levels off nicely. Opacity, in tinted colours at least, is outstanding. As is ease of use. This stuff seems to glide on, particularly when applying the second coat.

The best thing about Tikkurila vinyl matt is the overall finish. Colours seem deep and sharp, which I know sounds a bit airy-fairy, but you can really tell the difference. I guess the sheen level is around 4%, so it isn’t a completely flat matt, but it’s somewhere close.

Oh…. The very best thing about Tikkurila vinyl matt, it touches up!! I kid you not, a standard vinyl matt which can be touched up!! I have flashbacks of the good old days when using it!!

As I write this review, Tikkurila vinyl matt is a completely new product. I just know it’s going to be massive though. This is one of Tikkurila’s best products and probably the best standard trade vinyl matt paints I have ever used.

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Best Tools to Use for Tikkurila Vinyl Matt


Tikkurila vinyl Matt is relatively easy to apply, but as with any paint, the quality of your brush and roller will make a big difference to the overall finish of your work. With that in mind, I thought I’d give my recommendations.

ProDec Ice Fusion is my paintbrush of choice. It’s nice and soft which is perfect for an emulsion that flows well. It also holds loads of paint and will make casting a sharp line nice and easy. Available online by clicking here.

My absolute favourite roller for this type of product is the Axus Décor silk touch, simply because there is absolutely no orange peel at all. The walls are always silky smooth when finished, which is perfect when you’re decorating in someone’s home. The roller heads will fit the standard size cage. Click here to see current prices.

Tikkurila Vinyl Matt Review -by Mike Gregory

Updated Feb 13, 2024 | Posted Feb 2, 2022 | 5 comments


  1. Ryan Dawes

    Think we will be stocking this, super review guys!

  2. Vince Robinson

    Used this last week for the first time and was really impressed.

    Nice to apply, especially the second coat, and a really solid and flat finish.

    A bit more expensive than my Jonnos price for cover plus, but better gear in my opinion.

    Pretty much what you would expect from Tikkurila.

  3. Stan Robertson

    Used this for the first time, today.
    Outstanding opacity, great to put on, and I would say the best vinyl Matt on the market!

  4. Ryan Dawes

    Good stuff, if you compare this to other well known brands the price is pretty good especially when you can have the larger tubs mixed into dark colours!
    @DawesPaints 👀

  5. Joe Bloggs

    Johnstone’s only have a 20% share in Tikkurila


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