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Johnstone’s Covaplus Vinyl Matt Review

Updated Oct 21, 2022 | Posted Apr 23, 2020 | Paints, Product Review | 4 comments

Covaplus is Johnstone’s’ trade vinyl matt. You can buy it in 1, 2.5, 5 or 10 litre tubs. Covaplus is available in white, or any colour from Johnstone’s’ vast range. Recoat in 2 – 4 hours depending on conditions and suitable for bare plaster when heavily diluted.


Performance and Overall Finish of Johnstone’s Covaplus


The opacity of Johnstone’s Covaplus is absolutely bang on. You can often get away with two coats on bare plaster or a big colour change. The finish is very flat and chalky, much flatter that some of its rivals.

You can encounter blemishes such as picture framing and flashing if you’re not careful. This never used to be the case, but Johnstone’s have messed around with the formula in recent years. Another flaw to mention is this paint will not touch up. So, if you paint a room, then scuff one wall moving furniture around, you need to paint the whole wall again, rather than just the scuff.

That’s not to say Johnstone’s Covaplus isn’t a good product, because it is. I’d say it is better than its Dulux Trade and Crown Trade counterparts, but not as good as something like Tikkurila vinyl matt. 


Is Covaplus Value for Money?


A 5L tin of tinted Covaplus will normally set you back around £35 plu VAT. To put that into perspective, the same amount of vinyl matt in Dulux will cost you £45 and Johnstone’s Covaplus is a lot better than Dulux Vinyl matt!! So yes, I’d say Covaplus is very good value for money. Crown Trade vinyl matt is a little bit cheaper, but that product is more like a contract matt and I would personally avoid it.


Best Place to buy Johnstone’s Covaplus


Johnstone’s Covaplus is a trade quality product which is a lot better than its retail counterpart. With that in mind, you need to go to a trade outlet. If you need guidance on products or colour choice, you should go to a Johnstone’s Trade Centre. Their staff are well trained and know each product intimately.

If you already know what you need, the best place to buy Johnstone’s Covaplus is online. Unless you have a trade account with favourable rates, it is always going to be cheaper to buy your paint from a trade website like The Paintshed.

For more information on Johnstone’s Covaplus vinyl matt CLICK HERE


Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt


I thought I’d mention this product briefly, as it gives you an alternative to Johnstone’s Covaplus. Perfect Matt is Johnstone’s’ premium emulsion. It is much more expensive than Covaplus, but comes with more durability, and a much nicer finish.

This is a very low-sheen matt emulsion. The overall effect is, well, close to perfect. It knocks all vinyl matt emulsion products out of the park. That said, Johnstone’s Perfect Matt is in the same price bracket as some of the heavy hitters, a few of which perform better. Teknos Pro5 will give you a similar finish to Perfect Matt in terms of sheen level, but more durability, more depth of colour, and easier to use. You could even go for something like COAT if you’re aiming for premium.

Johnstone’s Covaplus Vinyl Matt Emulsion Review – by Mike Gregory


What do other Decorators Think about Johnstone’s Covaplus?

I’ve been using Covaplus vinyl mat for 30 years! So much better than Dulux and Johnstone’s can match anyone else’s colours. No brainer for me.

Thomas Lawless - Johnstone’s Covaplus Vinyl Matt Review

Good gear! Covers well, doesn’t flash over the fillers I use, is a nice white, and is an acceptable matt finish. I use it all the time and never have any problems with it.

It’s also very good tinted and I rarely need 3 coats. The only issues I expect are the same ones you generally get with other brands regarding opacity in certain colours like yellow, deep blues, and some pinks?

Covaplus is just so much better value compared to Dulux (nothing new there) and its actually matt!!

Better than Armstead

Better than HMG

Better than Tikkurila

Better than Wickes

Better than Homebase

Better than Aldi semi Matt silk…….😜

Joe Elwick

Good stuff, I use it all the time and never have any problems with it. Johnstone’s covaplus does what it says on the tin, or is that Ronseal? My point is, Johnstone’s Covaplus is a good emulsion at a good price.

Michael Cormack


I always used to use Dulux and then I had a big job that needed a farrow and ball match which Dulux couldn’t do for me. I decided to try Covaplus. The match at Johnstone’s Decorating Centre was spot on. The paint all round a lot better that Dulux. The coverage is brilliant it goes on great. I don’t use anything else now.

Jack Anderson - Johnstone’s Covaplus Vinyl Matt Review

I’m using it right now. Opacity is very good. Dries very flat for a vinyl Matt, more like a contract matt. But not a bad drop.

Jan Syner

The opacity of Covaplus isn’t as good as it used to be. Sort of covers in 2 coats if you’re going over a similar colour but needs 3 for any real depth.

Jim Ware

Coverplus is the best vinyl matt out there, better value than Dulux or Crown will ever be.

Colin Gibson - best place to buy Johnstone's paint

Johnstone’s covaplus vinyl matt is the best standard trade matt emulsion on the market. You get value for money; Johnstone’s can easily match colours from other brands and the finish is bang on. If you compare covaplus to the other two trade vinyl matt emulsions on the market (Crown and Dulux), it just blows them both away. This is the emulsion I use on 90% of my decorating jobs. I’d recommend it to anyone!!

Mike Jones

Updated Oct 21, 2022 | Posted Apr 23, 2020 | 4 comments

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  1. Les


    I am a Plumber by trade and recently have had some good work through, bathrooms and showers.

    I have always been very good at Painting and of recent weeks my decorator introduced me to Johnston’s Paint, well what can I say OMG please please however small or big the job there is know price on the letter Q (Quality) brill would not use anything else and the Covaplus Top paint.

  2. Rae Servante

    Just be aware if you use the Matt vinyl in a dark colour eg dark blue or purple it will mark very easily. I’ve just had a bedroom wall painted and after nearly 4 weeks if I rub against it it will leave a mark. Johnstone’s have given me an explanation for this and suggested I paint with another paint to stop it marking!! It’s a wall in bedroom which won’t be touched much but I will still have to pay for repainting. If I’d known that this was normal for this paint I wouldn’t have used it! The lighter colour in the room is fine

  3. Cyndy Ramsden

    I have got covaplus vinyl Matt on my bathroom walls and when I have a shower it goes shiny and feels sticky ,is this normal ? ( when it dries , this disappears )

    • Mike Cupit

      It isn’t durable enough for a bathroom, hence the issue. I’d give it a coat of Polyvine Decorators varnish to protect it.


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