Women’s Dassy Boston Trousers Review

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  • Stretchy waist
  • Stretch Panels on hips
  • Adjustable leg length
  • Straight leg slim design.
  • Great Price
  • Phone Pocket


  • No Holster pockets.
  • No Hammer Loop.
  • Not for plus size
  • Not for midgets

Being so tall and doing a male orientated job, I already ooze masculine energy, when actually I have no problem with looking and feeling more feminine at work. 

These trousers offer a great alternative to the abundance of wide leg scruffy outdated styles currently flooding the market. They are cut with a woman’s figure in mind. They are quite low rise on the waist, but the stretch fabric inserted in the hips allows for great movement. They also have elastic sewn in the waist as well as those little buttons on elastic (like toddlers have), in the back of waist band, so if you’ve sized up up for room in the butt, you can make the waist much smaller should you need to.

Women’s Dassy Boston Trousers Review

Another great plus, quite literally, is the extra hem you can unstitch for a couple more inches. As most of you know my legs come up-to my armpits, and more often than not I am disheartened by the lack of womenswear on the market that will fit me. I wear a 36l and these say 34 at their longest and they are long enough for me! If only I could move the knee pad pockets to suit.

Me 6’1 36″ leg size 12 wearing size 14 hem let down (left), Natalie size 10-12  wearing size 14.
Their website states that sizes range from 6 to 20,  but in reality they come up small, so realistically they range from 4 to 18.

The array of pockets is wonderfully useful. Not so many that you lose where you’ve put everything. But enough useful ones of varying shapes and sizes. The only real thing I feel they are missing is holster pockets. Trades people spend a lot of time on their knees (oi oi) so original style trouser pockets at the front are often rendered useless. The mens version ‘Dassy Seattle’ (of which I have two pairs) have the added bonus of Holster pockets and a hammer loop. I mean come on Dassy. Girls have hammers too!

For everything these trousers offer the price is unbeatable. Unbelievable value for money. I’ve not seen anything else as good for less.


Overall despite a few lacking components, these trousers are so comfortable and look so good they are now my go to pair of trousers. I don’t want to wear anything else. It’s nice to have decorators’ trousers which are tailored to a lady’s needs, rather than us having to “make do” with traditional painters trousers which are normally ill fitting.

The importance of wearing whites is paramount for me. We take pride in our appearance and feel it is important for a decorator to look the part. These Women’s Dassy Boston trousers certainly help with this!

You can purchase Women’s Dassy Boston Trousers online for around £55.00 from sites like Mammoth Work wear.

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Updated Dec 5, 2022 | Posted Apr 30, 2019 | 1 comment

1 Comment

  1. Hev Govan

    I bought some of these, bought a size up and they were too small. Now unless I lose 2 stone I ain’t getting into them 🙁 they’re clearly not designed by women. I wear dextors and I have to wear the highest size they have. Not all of us female Dec’s are blessed with the skinny genes. We have bellies and arses. Hoping one day they’ll make the trousers big enough. I can go to sainsburys and buy a size 14/16, confident enough to know that when I put them on they fit and are flexible


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