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Fat Hog Evolution Decorator’s Trousers Review

Updated Jul 7, 2022 | Posted Jun 22, 2022 | Product Review, Workwear | 2 comments

As a decorator, I know it’s important to always look professional, and wearing whites is a must for me. You could go for the traditional bib n brace, which does look good, if a little old-fashioned and uncomfortable. I tend to stick to decorator’s trousers and a branded t-shirt.

You might shell out big money for a pair of Blaklader 4-way stretch, and I can see the appeal in going big. Or you could go for a cheaper pair of ProDec from Crown Decorating Centres. Again, this may be an option if you’re going on site, or any other messy job where you don’t want to wreck a good pair of decorator’s trousers Or, like me, you could go for something in the middle.

Fat Hog do a couple of different types of Decorator’s Trousers. In fact, they also manufacture the cheap ProDec trousers. The Fat Hog Evolution Decorator’s Trousers are their best, but at around £70 a pair, they’re still not what I’d call premium in terms of price.

Fat Hog Evolution Decorator’s Trousers Review
Fat Hog Evolution Decorator’s Trousers Review

My Fat Hog Evolution Decorator’s Trousers Review


So, the question is, are you getting good value for money when buying Fat Hog Evolution? Well for me, the answer is, absolutely!! They’re made of a thick quality cotton, and everything is double-stitched.

They come with an elasticated waste, top loaded knee pad pockets, reinforced fabric hem, a mobile phone pocket, a zip up security pocket, tool pockets, strap to carry your wallpapering scissors…. Let’s just sat the Fat Hog Evolution trousers are absolutely loaded with pockets!!


The main reason I like these decorating trousers over others in the same price bracket, other than their build quality, is their comfort and overall fit. They seem very flexible, so they don’t go tight in certain places when you move (namely the crotch). You can also stuff the pockets without the weight impeding you.

They also seem to last for years!! Fat Hog Evolution trousers are not as easily stained with paint as their cheaper counterparts. Plus, they’re almost impossible to rip, and don’t seem to shrink in the wash.

You can buy them directly from Johnstone’s Decorating Centre. Click here to learn more.

Updated Jul 7, 2022 | Posted Jun 22, 2022 | 2 comments

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  1. richard

    £70 for a pair decorators trousers? They be covered in paint in a fortnight.. imagine painting black railings or something
    Amazon £17/£20 inc vat something that looks pretty similar will do me just fine

  2. John Keenan

    Brilliant work trousers.
    Top quality, stylish and professional.

    My size is 34 regular – if anyone from Fat Hog is reading this 😁


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