Indasa Coverall Review – The best masking Film to protect windows and doors when painting

Indasa Cover Roll Review – Masking Film

By Mike Gregory


Masking film may not be the sexiest product in the world, but I thought I’d take the time to write an Indasa Cover Roll review, simply because I believe it is the best masking film on the market. Especially when it comes to protecting windows and doors.


The idea behind the Indasa Cover Roll is simple. It consists of blue masking film with tape at one end. You simply roll it out over the top of a window or door, cut to length, then roll down the film to cover the area you aim to protect. The film will have an electrostatic charge which holds it in place long enough for you to seal the edges with tape.


There are other masking films on the market which work in the same way, but Indasa Cover Roll is just better! The tape is strong and seals the top edge of a surface beautifully. It’s UV protected, meaning it is safe to leave in the sun for a period without running the risk of leaving behind glue reside. Indasa Cover Roll is also easy to remove, unlike some of its competitors.


The electrostatic qualities of Indasa Cover Roll are another massive bonus and make things a lot easier. This comes in handy when working at hight and faffing around isn’t an option!


The only downside I can see is the amount of single use plastic which ends up going to landfill. I use a heck of a lot of Indasa Cover Roll as part of my job as a decorator. Nothing else comes close and the cost of the product is peanuts. I know biodegradable plastics are becoming more mainstream for other products. I think a biodegradable masking film would be received well amongst decorators. I’d certainly make the switch.


You can buy Indasa Cover Roll online, or from Crown Decorating Centre.


Other Indasa Products


Indasa seem to go under the radar a little bit, but I rate them as a manufacturer. Their range of masking tapes are trade quality and cheap. I go out of my way to pick up the general-purpose tape for use on carpets and hardwood flooring.


The E-Series Dust Free Sander is something else which flies under the radar. It is an alternative to the Mirka Deros or Festool ETS 500/5. The E-Series is light, easy to use, completely dust free and very powerful. It is a contender for the best sander of its type, although the extractor / sander isn’t compatible with other extractors / sanders like Festool and Mirka is.


Professional decorator Mike Gregory talks us through the best way to cover windows when painting. This simple guide makes life easy.

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Indasa Cover Roll Review – Masking Film