Beeline Primer Sealer Review - the best product to prime a wall before wallpapering

Beeline Primer Sealer Review

By Mike Gregory


Beeline Primer Sealer is designed to prime surfaces as part of your preparation before applying a wallpaper. It comes in a 2.5kg tub, which is then diluted to make around 6 or 7 litres of product. You can pick a tub of this up for around £15, which represents great value for money!!


The Alternatives


There are a couple of other products you could use to prime a wall or ceiling prior to installing wallpaper. The first, and most common, is known as “size”. This is simply a very thin paste solution, usually the same type of paste as you’re going to use for your finish paper. The idea is basic, you apply the diluted past, it penetrates the wall or ceiling and seals everything. The advantages of using size include aided adhesion, cost effective and reliable. The major downside is you don’t always have a solid and stable surface on which to work, meaning you can often get grains of dirt showing through your finish paper. It can also be slightly too sticky, making it difficult to manipulate your paper.


The other alternative is Zinsser Gardz, which does give you a stable surface, however you sometimes experience adhesion issues between paste and Gardz.


How is Beeline Primer Sealer Different?


Beeline Primer Sealer gives you the best of both worlds!! Whilst it can splatter, the product is very easy to apply. It seals and stabilises any surface brilliantly, meaning you can give it a quick tickle with some fine sandpaper to take off any lingering grains of dirt, perfect for some of the older walls that need plenty of attention.


The other thing Beeline Primer Sealer does is aid adhesion, which is a massive advantage. This will help prevent joints from opening in your wallpaper. You even get a little bit of “slip” when applying wallpaper, as well as an even surface to work on. There is no better product out there to seal walls before applying wallpaper!!


Another party trick of Beeline Primer Sealer is its ability to adhere strongly to non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal and old gloss paint. Without this product, you’d struggle to wallpaper over such materials.


Why is Beeline Primer Sealer So Good?


One simple reason, this is a trade product which, although it’s simple, has been developed by Ciret for a very specific task, to prime surfaces ready to wallpaper. Gardz is a stabiliser but isn’t really designed to take wallpaper. Diluted wallpaper past was developed as an adhesive, not a primer sealer. It’s a no brainer really!!


We do have a full Beeline paste review if you’re interested. Beeline are the brand leader in wallpaper paste amongst professional decorators in the UK. Click here for more info.

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Beeline Primer Sealer Review