Wethertex PP77 All Seasons Pliolite Masonry Paint Review

Wethertex PP77 Pliolite Masonry Paint Review

By Mike Gregory


The Wethertex AP77 pliolite masonry paint, also known as “All Weather”, is an oil-based masonry paint available in a wide range of colours. It comes in 5, or 10L tubs and you should expect to pay around £55 for 5L in a tinted colour. This price places it in the higher bracket when it comes to trade masonry paints. You can see a full list of UK suppliers here.


As with a lot of Pliolite-based paints, you can apply this product in temperatures as low as minus 5 degrees and it’s completely shower proof withing 20 minutes. Unlike some pliolite based paints, Wethertex All Weather remains breathable. Re-coat time is roughly 24 hours.


My Wethertex PP77 Pliolite Masonry Paint Review


There are a couple of things that set Wethertex All Weather apart from other pliolite based masonry paints. The first is the opacity, which is absolutely unreal!! I painted a bare brick wall with it recently in white (for those of you who don’t know, white paint can be very problematic when it comes to opacity). I diluted my Wethertex All Seasons down by over 20% to easily work the first coat into every crevice. I wasn’t expecting it to, but it looked almost solid in one coat!! In fact, I think if I had not diluted the paint to the extreme, it probably would have gone in one coat!! Red brick and grey mortar to white in one coat?? As far as I’m aware, that’s unheard of!! It easily has the best opacity out of any masonry paint I’ve ever used.


Adhesion is great too!! I always feel apprehensive painting smooth brick, but it would take a stick of dynamite to remove Wethertex pliolite from any surface.


The last massive advantage of using Wethertex PP77 over other pliolite based masonry paints is the finish, which is lovely, flat and even.


Oh, one more advantage!! This paint will block almost any stain!! I know this is a property of pliolite anyway, but I have recently had trouble with stains coming through whilst using another brand.


All Good so far, any Negatives?


Just one as far as I can tell, and even that could be an advantage depending on how you look at it. Wethertex pliolite masonry paint takes a long time to dry compared to other pliolite based paints. This helps with the finish somewhat, as pliolite tends to go very sticky as it starts to skin over. This stickiness can cause imperfections where the cutting in meets the rolling. Or even trouble keeping a wet edge, so the slow drying time helps. The only irritation comes when you’re waiting to apply another coat, or you need to cut something into your newly painted masonry.




I’d say this may well be the best pliolite masonry paint I’ve ever tried. A bit pricey, but if you don’t mind paying more to get better quality, then this is the paint for you. The other thing you’re doing by choosing Wethertex is you’re supporting a British paint manufacturer, which can only be a good thing. I did a review of the water-based version too, just in case you’re on the fence about pliolite.

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