Beeline Pastemaster Review – Wallpaper Pasting

Updated Nov 9, 2022 | Posted Apr 17, 2020 | Product Review, Tools | 5 comments

The Beeline Pastemaster is a wallpaper pasting machine manufactured by Ciret. You can pick them up for less than £250. The Pastemaster is made from a stiff stainless steel body and a robust plastic pasting wheel. This is my Beeline Pastemaster review. I hope you enjoy it.

The idea is simple. You fill the well of the machine with paste, clip it to your wallpaper table, feed your wallpaper through and it applies an even layer of glue. Using a paste machine saves a lot of time and as a professional decorator, time means money!!


Quick and simple


As already mentioned, the Beeline Pastemaster just clips to the end of your pasting table. You then mix your paste and fill the well. Once full, the well holds enough paste to get through 7 or 8 drops of wallpaper. As the plastic pasting wheel turns, it picks paste from the well and applies it to the underside of your wallpaper. You can easily adjust the Pastemaster to apply the exact amount of paste you want for any given paper.

A wallpaper paste machine does save a hell of a lot of time!! I’m a professional decorator and run my own business. We normally work as a two-man team. On a wallpapering job without the Pastemaster, one of us would constantly cut and paste lengths while the other hangs.


With the paste master we can both hang paper. Productivity is doubled, meaning the kit pays for itself after the first job!! A good quality paste machine really does speed you up that much!!


The Downside of The Beeline Pastemaster


There are a couple of drawbacks I’m afraid. To feed the paper through, all you need to do is lift an arm, prime the wheel, lay they paper down and close the arm again. You then pull the paper back on itself which keeps the arm down and your paper against the wheel. You need to keep the paper central to the machine or the edges will rip!! There is a bit of a knack and now I’m used to using a pasting machine, I do it without thinking. It isn’t rocket science though. Just keep an eye on it and if the paper starts to move over, stop, reline and go again. Dead easy.

The other issue is it is difficult to keep the decretive side of the paper completely clean. To be good at decorating you need to be a perfectionist and even the smallest amount of paste on the wrong side of your paper is too much. For this reason I personally wouldn’t recommend the Pastemaster for finish paper.


Cleaning – (or Lack of)


I don’t really clean mine at all to be honest. Every now and again I might give it a quick swill out, but that is a very rare occasion. All I do at the end of the job is bang it in a binbag and seal it with tape. I’ve had my Beeline Pastemaster years and it’s lasted well, even with all the abuse I give it. If I was going to leave it for any length of time between uses I probably would make the effort. As I wallpaper regularly, I don’t bother.


Is the Pastemaster Worth Getting?


A million times yes!! Regardless of the drawbacks which I have been honest about, my Beeline Pastemaster has been one of the best buys I have ever made as a professional decorator. I use it for lining paper and embossed paper which is to be painted. I wouldn’t be without one and I can’t believe some decorators don’t use them. It cuts my labour time in half.


Where to Buy


Ciret supply both Dulux and Crown Decorating Centres, meaning they will be able to order on in for you. Unfortunately, this isn’t the type of thing a paint supplier might have on a shelf ready to sell. The other option is to shop online, which often works out cheaper anyway.

Beeline Pastemaster Review – Wallpaper pasting machine – by Mike Gregory

Updated Nov 9, 2022 | Posted Apr 17, 2020 | 5 comments

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  1. Graeme

    A decent review. I would agree. A 100% definite purchase for even the smallest business owner.

    A fantastic product at a great price. Will pay for itself in 2 jobs!!

    Go for it, u won’t regret.

  2. Dave head

    Yes looks good, I’d like to give a bit of advice to people who don’t do loads of papering but something that would save time wet paper with a pump spray bottle and put adhesive on to walls thinning with water If putting up thin paper. 👍Try it saves loads of time and very clean stay safe all

  3. David smalley

    Think the beeline machines are quite toyish compared to German tapofix machines , but if you do a lot of papering they a great bit of kit especially for ceilings and lining paper
    I’ve had machines for over 30 years and would not be without one

  4. Graeme

    I would never be without mine. I use it with finish papers all the time as well, as long as they’re wipeable. It’s like having an apprentice on a job, except it never misses a bit!

  5. Peter lucas

    Love my machine, does anyone know where I can by spare parts


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