Offering Silk Plaster as a Decorator

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I just wanted to put forward my thoughts on Silk Plaster, as it really is starting to take off in the UK. We’re talking about a product which is already huge in Europe and big in Ireland. As a professional decorator, I attended the Silk Plaster training course last year, and I have just started offering it to my clients.


What is Silk Plaster?


Silk Plaster is a cotton pulp with decrative fibres, and an adhesive like wallpaper paste. You hydrate the material, allow to soak, give it a good mix, then apply a thin layer to the wall. The thing I like about Silk Plaster is its depth. There are a lot of different subtle colours within the material, which you only really notice when you look closely at it. You can add glitter too, which is great on occasion.


There are other advantages too. You’re essentially putting a coat of cotton on your walls, so as you can imagine, it adds insulation to a room. On top of this, Silk Plaster is fire retardant and eco-friendly. Win Win!!


How Easy is it to Apply Silk Plaster?


As mentioned, I attended the training course in Lincoln, which I’d highly recommend. You can get tutorials from YouTube then have a crack yourself. You’ll soon pick it up either way, but having someone stood next to you, explaining where you need slightly more, or slightly less material, really helps you get a feel for it.

You need plastic trowels really, as you’ll be able to see the material through the plastic. To get set up you will need two trowels and a bucket, which will only set you back £20 or so. You can buy everything you need from


Is There a Market for Silk Plaster?


I have only just started marketing Silk Plaster and I’ve only done it on a small scale. So far, I’ve completed my first job and I have another booked in. I’m earning good money too, as there aren’t too many people offering Silk Plaster as a service. In my area (Northwest England), I know of an installer in Liverpool who offers Silk Plaster. There is also a team in Manchester doing the same, so there are already people making money from it. Below are photos of my recent job.

silk plaster makes the perfect unusual feature wall
offering silk plaster as a decorator to earn more money

I heard the chaps on Two Decorators and a Microphone talking about Silk Plaster recently, and Ryan came out with a great point. It is up to the decorator to create the market. You’re talking about something that most Brits have never seen. They need to see Silk Plaster and understand what it is.

If you want the perfect example of how to take Silk Plaster and really makes some money, have a look at Perfect Walls on Facebook. This is a Liverpool-based business, who now specialise in Silk Plaster. They’re doing very well for themselves by all accounts. The market is out there and people are desperate for something a little different.

Why not check out some of the designs on and decide for yourself whether to pursue it.

Updated May 11, 2024 | Posted Feb 9, 2022 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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