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I was given the opportunity to conduct a Dexters decorators workwear review and after just a week of using them I must say… I bloody love them!!


The Dexters decorators trousers:

In the past I have switched between many different brands of decorators trousers, Shield, Albany, dunlop, snickers, dickies, Blaklader etc, but for 1 reason or another there has been something I didnt like about them. Some had good pocket placement but rubbish quality, others weren’t a nice fit, some too heavy etc etc but these trousers are spot on for me. These you can tell they are a decent quality but they are not heavy, and wont be too hot in the summer (although I do believe Dexters also make decorators shorts). I like the pocket layout and they fit perfectly. They look smart, especially with the add on pockets that you can get. The Dexters decorators trousers come with a really comfortable belt. Its almost like a seat belt material with a sturdy easy to use buckle that you can set at any point as you clamp it down at the right fit. All around the belt area are black tags to attach the different pockets too wherever you want.


Dexters decorators prep pocket set:


I always wear decorators trousers with a front pouch to carry all the essentials (screwdrivers, filling knives, scratch, nail punch, dusting brush, stanley knife, blades etc) and I am forever spending time rummidging through the pouch blind, looking for an item. This can get frustrating and end up emtying the whole lot in my quest to find my tools.

At first when I saw the Dexters prep pockets I was a bit sceptical, and I must admit it took me a day or 2 to get used to them, but now I absolutely love them. There’s plenty of pocket space for everything you need and now everything has its place which is really easy accessible. Each pouch has 2 plastic clips on to attach to your trousers (see pic), wherever suits you most comfortably, these clips seem sturdy and unlikely to give after repeated use.


Dexters decorators prep pocket set:


Again, I used to keep a load of my papering stuff just in 1 pouch which could be over-crowded when you have, say a papering brush in there with everything else. Using these pouches made everything well at hand as and when you need them and has plenty of space for the tools you need. Dexters also do a dedicated decorators scissor pouch, but I found it easier and better placed to use the one on the pouch along with the othe tools. The pockets also came with a nice big chunky Dexters pencil which will last ages 🙂

Other pockets and jumper:

The jumper is a nice comfortable fit and decent quality, but not overly thick, so pretty much perfect for our english weather most mornings. You know, when it’s a bit too nippy to be wearing just a tshirt but not cold enough to warrent a coat.

The other pockets i received but not managed to use yet are the liquid holder pouch which im not quite sure when I will use, and the paint pot attachment. I’ve a big exterior job coming up with 158 windows, most of which is on a ladder so I will give the paint attachment a go. It seems really sturdy when the pot is attached to you and seems as long as you dont fill it too much it will be fine. It also has a magnetic part on its side to clip your brush to when not in use. Im looking forward to trying it out, I’ve seen reviews on the Betsy paint mate on The Forum review page that is the same idea as this, only the Dexters version looks a lot smarter and less of a gimmick.

Thanks for taking time to read my review


Dexters decorators workwear review - Decorator's forum UK

Dexters Decorators’ Workwear consists of trousers, a top, and pockets. They make the perfect uniform for Painters and Decorators to wear at work.

Product Brand: Dexters

Editor's Rating:


  • Looks smart.
  • Comfortable.
  • Loads of pockets.


  • Quite pricey.
  • No stretch.

My name is Edward Humphrey (Senior Decorator at eDECO Interior & Exterior)

Today I received my eagerly awaited Dexters decorators wear, with complimentary sweater, cap and loyalty card. Here is my honest Dexters review:

The workwear bundle which included –

DEX 01 – Decorators Trousers

A decent light weight trouser with a great range of tool pockets. I have used Sweathog/Dickies/Axus Decor and many others over my 15 years trade experience, and for me the Axus Decor (retailing at £25.00 are still better value and are a slightly more robust product at a more affordable price.

However, here is where the Dexters come into their own; the accessory pockets and attachments! I mean you get pockets for pockets to put pockets in! What’s not to love?

You can practically have a range of toolset pockets for each decorating task that you can swap as per task required – make sense?


DECPKT01 – Prep pockets

Preparation (remedial work)

DECPKT02 – Papering pockets

Preparation (wall coverings)

DECPKT13 – Pocket with Bucket (mini kettle)

Finishing painting (even a little pocket for a small kettle with magnetic brush holder)

Designed for long decorating shears.


Total kit value

To be completely honest this is a large sum to be paid for workwear, however you should not need to purchase a set of pockets again or at least for sometime.

I would say the trousers are slightly overpriced when compared to the AXUS Decor ones. There is a range of additional pockets and pouches that appear very useful, which In time I am likely to acquire.

On the Dexters webpage you can sign up for loyalty points (not sure what they contribute towards or what their exchange rate is) also they offer a branding service for companies ordering 10 or more sets of workwear.

Overview: Pricey but an investment for the accomplished high end Decorator to add more speed, keep work area tidy and tools close by (so no one can “borrow” them ?)

Edward Humphrey

Updated May 17, 2024 | Posted Aug 14, 2017 | 1 comment

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About the Author

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