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Beeline Wallpaper Paste Review

By Mike Gregory


Beeline is probably the most popular choice for professional decorators when it comes to wallpaper paste. You can pick it up from any Dulux or Crown Decorating Centre, as well as about a million other trade outlets. This is my Beeline wallpaper paste review. If you want more information you might be better having a look at Ciret’s website

lining paper

Yellow Top (light grade)

Yellow top is the most widely used out of all the Beeline Range. This is for a few reasons. There is a handy guide on the side of the bucket which helps you determine how much water you should add for a particular job. Because it comes condensed, you can use it on a wide range of wallcoverings. Yellow Top also offers great slip and working time, making it one of the easiest ready made adhesives to use. I would highly recommend.

medium grade paste

Red Top (medium grade)

“medium” is probably understating things a little bit. Beeline Red Top is a very strong paste with a low water content, making it very grippy. I use this for most non-woven papers. You can dilute it quite a lot and still find it very effective. I also mix it with flake when applying lining paper, or papering over a surface which has been prepared with gaurdz.

blue top baby!!

Blue Top (heavy grade)

Not a paste I use often as I find it a little OTT. However, it has got me out of trouble a few times. I do use it as overlap adhesive because it is the strongest paste I have ever tried. Honestly, this stuff sticks like sh*t and will save your life one day.

White Top (ready to use)

Pick it up and go, no messing around and it does everything you need it to do. You can use it on a wide range of wall coverings.

All being said, the Beeline range as a whole gives a decorator everything they need, regardless of the type of paper they are hanging. The paste easy to use and top quality, as well as being competitively priced and widely available.


What do Other Decorators Think About Beeline Wallpaper Paste

Use the Beeline yellow top, but always surprised how much the difference in price for this product varies from different suppliers. One of the reasons I refuse to use Brewers for anything.

Des Cass

I think Beeline paste offers the complete package and they seem to be the most popular with decorators. The yellow top (light grade) is all you need for 90% of papers. You can’t go wrong with it. I like how Beeline paste comes condensed, so you can add the mount of water for the consistency you need for a particular job. The Beeline yellow top even comes with a guide, so you know exactly how much to dilute it by. Another advantage of the yellow top is it is very easy to wipe it off the face of the paper without leaving a mark.


I don’t think you did the flake justice in this review. I find it much better than some of the other brads such as Solvite. It is nice and easy to mix and 1 packet seems to go a long way. It’s brilliant paste.


The red top is good too, but those tubs are a right pain. You need to decant the paste into a round bucket before you can dilute it. The paste itself is awesome. You could probably use it to stick a TV to the wall it’s that strong!! Grippy too, with a low water content. You don’t get very long to work with it but in the right place it is a godsend.

Scott Murphy - Beeline Wallpaper Paste Review

We always used to use Beeline paste at college for teaching the students how to wallpaper.

Pete Wilkinson

Use the Beeline primer sealer a lot. Also yellow/red lid on Wallrock & various papers. 👍🏻👌🏻

Stewart Walmsley

Barry Foster I’ve always used Beeline ready mixed pastes. Sometimes in preference to paper manufacturers’ own ready mixed paste. Their Overlap and repair paste is something that every paper hanger and decorator should have in his or her kit.

Barry Foster - Beeline Wallpaper Paste Review

Beeline yellow top is pretty much all I use on every wallpaper I hang. I use it neat for heavy vinyls and dilute it however much I need to for the lighter stuff. It is easy to use and readily available.

Dean Aspinall

It’s good stuff. Definitely the brand leader when it comes to wallpaper paste. You can buy it from any trade outlet pretty much. Sometimes it can be difficult to dilute the red top stuff, but that’s probably my only gripe.


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Beeline Wallpaper Paste Review