Harlequin Non-Woven Wallpaper Review

Harlequin Non-Woven Wallpaper Review

By Mike Cupit


This is one of the more expensive range of wallpapers on the market and is a popular choice amongst interior designers, but is it worth the price tag? This is my Harlequin non-woven wallpaper review; I hope you find it useful.



Harlequin produce a vast range of designer wallpaper, but they have their identity. Generally speaking, the patterns and designs aren’t what you would call modern. This isn’t really a negative, modern just isn’t what they’re about. However traditional, elegant and stylish, are words you would associate with the brand, and rightly so. Don’t get me wrong, you do come across the odd bold print, but Harlequin paper keeps its identity well. Some of the prints are gorgeous!



No complaints at all from me and I doubt any other decorator would voice any either. You will find the paper pliable, easy to use, easy to cut and a treat to install. More times than not you can completely hide the seams, meaning the overall effect can be stunning. Harlequin even smalls good! I’m not joking, open a roll and give it a sniff. You can smell the resins in the paper, and it reassures you they don’t cut corners in the manufacturing process.


Common Mistakes When Installing the Paper

As you can tell from my Harlequin non-woven wallpaper review, I have nothing negative to say about the product at all and this is my unbiased view as a professional decorator. That being said, there are a few things that can go wrong.

If you over handle the paper or force it into place, you may stretch it. This can cause the paper to retract as it dries, and seams can open up.

You need to get your prep right too. Non-woven wallpaper will not absorb paste, so always line your walls prior to applying the finish paper. This will absorb the excess paste and prevent it from seeping through your joints. It helps with a few other things too to be honest.

Always use the correct paste, either from Harlequin or Beeline. You need something grippy with a low water content, so avoid packet paste and go for ready mixed

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