Best Way to Cover Windows When Painting

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I have been a decorator for almost 20 years and tend to stick to exterior jobs during the warmer months. I’m a perfectionist and take great care to cover any surface I need to keep clean.

I have tried loads of different products and techniques when it comes to protecting windows, doors and other surfaces. I thought I’d take a little bit of time to explain what I think is the best way to cover windows when painting, including the two products you should be using.


The Best Way to Cover a Window


There are two products which stand out for me. The first is Indasa cover roll, which is a blue plastic masking film with adhesive tape at the top. Available online, or from Crown Decorating Centre, as well as other stockists.

There are other “tape and drape” type products, but I feel the Indasa cover roll is great value for money and works well. All you do is roll out the film, sticking the tape along the top of your window. Once you reach the end of your window, simply cut to length and drop the plastic film down to cover the area you aim to protect. Electrostatic energy will hold the film against the window until you have time to tape around the edges.


Indasa cover roll is a fantastic product and something I use a great deal of. The strength of the tape and electrostatic qualities make it easy to work with, particularly outside.

The other Product I like to use is Masq red painters’ tape from Ciret. Again, you can buy this product online, from any Crown Decorating Centre, or several other suppliers. This is made up of thin washi paper. It is easy to use, stops any paint seepage, can be left down for a prolonged period, is UV resistant and creates very sharp paint edges on your window. This is the perfect masking tape for glass or uPVC.

The other reason I like to use this tape on windows is water will not damage it. Normally when you apply tape and it rains, the glue sticks hard and fast. Then you’re always left with a sticky residue on your window, that’s if you can remove the tape at all!!!! You can apply red Masq painters’ tape to a wet window without any issues. Click here to see online prices.

You need to run a bead of masking tape around your window or door in a precise manor. You should strike a like between paintwork and the surface you mean to protect. You then apply the cover roll over the top. Once you’re at that stage, simply seal the edges of the cover roll with another bead of masking tape, and you’re ready to paint.

Final Thoughts


Covering doors and windows before painting the exterior of your house can be a vital step, but luckily, with these two products it is an easy process. Just take your time and get your masking tape lines precise.

I often wait until the paint has fully dried before removing any cover roll or masking tape, simply because you can damage your paint work if you remove it straight away.

The only other thing to think about is dust sheets. Heavy duty dust sheets laid on the ground will cover it nicely while you’re painting above. If you can’t afford heavy dust sheets, try pinning lighter sheets down with bricks or scaffolding boards.


Best way to Cover Windows When Painting – by Mike Gregory

Updated Apr 26, 2023 | Posted Jun 29, 2021 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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