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Deltec Masking Tape Review – purple and red

Updated Dec 14, 2022 | Posted Jul 3, 2019 | Masking equipment, Product Review | 1 comment


Here’s a little Deltec Masking Tape review I wrote for the Decorators Forum UK

Deltec masking tape.  Supplied by the lovely folks at Deltec. The best place I have forund to buy this tape is Tikkurila UK, but there are plenty of other stockists available.

Ok so out of the box, it’s lovely looking stuff.

This is Washi rice paper instead of standard crepe paper masking tape which I’m told is the cutting edge in masking tape science.


  • Sturdy (tears easily but seems to hold together well, no split tears to the tape)
  • Easily identifiable (coloured tape as regards to properties)
  • Great stickiness (no flue residue)


  • Cost (I’ve only put this in because it’s not the cheapest, but it is cheap compared to some higher brand kit so on a par. I don’t think it would put me off.)

Deltec Extreme Masking Tape Review


I started off with the extreme masking tape as I’m working on outside walls in the sun. (Red tape).

It’s lovely and sticky, nice clean lines, it peels off well, Its tougher to peel with no fingernails but that’s because it sticks so well. No bleed through with paint slapped all over it. I left it on in the sun for a couple of days, No residue or glue left behind, and it comes off in one piece, which is always a treat. I’m really impressed with this masking tape!! There are not a lot of products I have used and have absolutel faith in, but this is one of them!


Deltec Gold Maskining Tape Review


This stuff performs well interior and exterior. It is a great all-rounder, much as I would expect from quality tape, can only give it an excellent review, clean lines, no bleed.

(Also, this stuff is amazing for sticking wet paint tape to recently dried walls, doesn’t damage the paint and again no residue.)


The Sensitive Tape (Purple) Review

Interior only

This stuff is excellent, it’s low tack but keeps a clean edge, sensitive surfaces so fresh paint and wallpaper (haven’t had a chance to use it on wallpaper but it is lovely on fresh paint.)

Overall, it’s a bit more expensive but it is clearly top quality stuff.

Deltec Masking Tape Review – by Ross Ratty

Updated Dec 14, 2022 | Posted Jul 3, 2019 | 1 comment

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1 Comment

  1. harry murphy

    Thanks so much for your in depth review! Great to see Deltec Tape really being put to the test.


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