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Walther Strong Liquid Mask Review

Walther Strong Liquid Mask Review

By Mike Cupit


Walther Strong H20 liquid mask is a rubber compound you can apply to almost any surface to protect it from overspray when painting. Available online, it can be applied via brush, or long pile roller, but you must apply at least two, sometimes three generous coats for it to work properly. Drying time can range anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on conditions.


Once you have finished painting the area around where you used liquid mask, simply cut round it, then peel away. It SHOULD come off easily enough, leaving the surface underneath clean and dry. Sometimes the surface underneath is even cleaner than it was to begin with.


My Walther Strong H20 Liquid Mask Review


Walther Strong H20 liquid mask is nothing new. I see it come up on the Decorating forums every now and again. It seems to spark the interest of a few professionals, who then use it for a while before getting fed up with the product and ditching it. I don’t know of a single decorator who has used it consistently for any period.


I’m one of those decorators who use it occasionally, and it does work to a point. It is easy enough to apply, and then remove once you’ve finished painting (most of the time). You can use it on almost anything, including window glass, floorboards masonry render, even cooker hubs. The list goes on!


Liquid mask does come with a few drawbacks though. You need to apply at least two very thick coats of the product for it to be removed easily. As you need to cut-in with the product as you apply it, and you may be left waiting up to an hour for the first coat to dry before being able to apply the second, the process is very slow. Masking up with traditional tape and Indasa Cover-Roll is a lot quicker.


Another major issue comes when trying to remove Walther Strong after it gets bladdered in paint!! I’m not joking… Get too much paint on your liquid mask and it becomes a nightmare to get off, which sort of defies the object to my mind!!


So, What is it Good for??

My overall opinion of Walther Strong liquid mask is low. It is a pain to use, and you can have issues removing it again. That said, there is the odd occasion I do use it to great effect. As a decorator, I spray a lot of textured masonry on the side of houses. Occasionally, there is brick or block work which can’t be masked using normal tape. The paint would just creep under it, or even lift the masking tape altogether.


This is where Walther Strong liquid mask comes into its own!! I run strips of normal masking tape on the surface I want to protect, around an inch away from the surface I want to paint. I then bridge the gap with liquid mask. This completely seals any textured blockwork and protects it beautifully. I have always found it easy to remove from this type of substrate too.


So, for me, I’ll carry on using the product for exterior spraying, but stick with the old-school approach for everything else.

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