Stinger Pro Paintbrush Review

Stinger Pro Paintbrush Review

By Mike Cupit


I was sent quite an unusual looking paintbrush to review. The Stinger Pro is a sleek and stylish looking brush with a long handle, seamless metal ferrule and a streamline design. There are two different types of bristle on the head which are both synthetic. The main stock is made up of soft and springy blue fibres, while the last eighth is a very stiff red bristle.


I think I understand why it’s called a “stinger”. A stinger rig is used in sea fishing and comprises of a big bait on a hefty hook, followed by a smaller trailing bait on a smaller hook. It is often the smaller bait that catches you the fish. I think this brush is designed in the same way. The softer bristles deposit the paint, but it’s the stiff ones which push it into place.


The brush is angled and extremely comfortable. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of the Stinger Pro from decorators on Facebook and always thought it was going to be poor quality. The actual look and feel of the brush are far from it! The build quality is impeccable.


The Stinger Pro should be a good paintbrush, but it isn’t!! I’m sure the manufacturers are more than capable of producing something special. However, they’ve used the bristles off a yard brush and coloured them red. They’re horrible!! They just scrape through your paint deposits and leave marks all over the place.


The manufacturers of this paintbrush have deliberately designed a gimmick to be sold to the DIY sector. This particular stinger is designed to catch the angler, rather than the fish. It’s very eye catching and looks great, but in reality, it’s crap.

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Stinger Pro Paintbrush Review