Kana Tank Paintbrush Review

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The Kana tank was designed to be used in stain, oil and varnish. Traditionally this type of brush would be made completely from natural fibers (hog hair). However recently we have started to see more and more manufacturers produce synthetic brushes for oil and stain. There are plus points for both types of material. Available online, this is my Kana Tank paintbrush review.

The Kana Tank has an easy grip handle and plastic ferrule meaning you can use this paintbrush comfortably for long periods of time. It also has a party trick – The Kana Tank has a core of dense natural fiber bristles which are surrounded by synthetics. It is easy to see why this has been done and its genius!! Paint pick-up is unreal! The natural fibers in this brush hold on to the material you’re using very nicely, distributing an even flow once called upon. The synthetic fibers hold their shape well against the core of the brush (with can be an issue for a lot of other brushes in varnish, stain and oil). You can also cut in with pinpoint accuracy and squaring up corners is made simple.

You don’t just apply stain, varnish or oil, there is an art to it. You manipulate the material and work it so there’s an even and thin layer over every bit of timber. Brush strokes need to be light and follow the grain. It is artwork and whoever designed this brush understands that.

If you want to just lay off and tidy brush marks on a piece of timber you have coated, you simply use the tip of this brush and it will not deposit any more material. If you do need more material, simply apply a little bit of pressure to the brush and your stain, varnish or oil will be squeezed out of the natural bristle core onto the timber. You feel as though you are always in complete control, more so than any other brush I have ever used.


There is one more thing to add. The Kana Tank holds a ridiculous amount of material!! Once you have a brush full, you seem to be able to go for miles with it. The material doesn’t seem to come out of the brush until you need it to. This may seem like an odd thing to say, but there are no drips and no flicks.

So, would I recommend it? Yes, on certain jobs. I think the Kana Tank is the best paintbrush for varnish, stain or oil on the market. Maybe not for cutting in intercut work, but certainly for larger timbers like doors, fascia boards and skirting. It is a joy to use.

All the Kana paintbrush range is available from Tool Station and a lot of different DIY / trade paint outlets. Click here to see online prices.

Kana Tank Paintbrush Review – by Mike Gregory


What do Other Decorators Think of the Kana Tank?

The Kana Tank brush is an awesome brush, and one that seems to go under the radar. We think it’s revolutionary!! A hybrid natural and polymer blend of bristles so you get the best of both worlds? More decorators need to try this brush!!

Tom Christian

It’s easily the best paintbrush for stain and varnish. It seems to hold loads, but doesn’t flick it about everywhere. We use it in Osmo oil. Did a whole floor with one the other week and it was perfect for the job.

Rob Page

I purchased the Kana Tank paint brush in 1,2&3 inch online for £35 including postage and vat. Or you can buy them as single paintbrushes.

They’re designed for use in varnish and wood stain. They have a natural bristle core, which is encased in synthetic bristles. This “hybrid” approach gives it the best of both worlds! The natural fibres help hold onto the varnish, whilst the synthetic fibres help control and distribute it.

Today I used my Kana paintbrush in Saddolin mahogany wood stain and what a brush it is!! It holds a load more varnish than any other brush I’ve ever used. It goes on very well and very evenly.

I would very highly recommend it; in fact, I’ll never use another brush for staining ever again. The way the stain flowed out of the brush in general was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before from a brush. I’m converted so go out and grab one, or 3 in my case!!

I’d even go as far as to say it is the best brush for stain on the market.

Another reason I like this brush is there are no drips. Varnishes and stains are very thin, so you expect them to splash everywhere while you’re using them. The Kana Tank eliminates all of that.

Click here to see online prices.

Greg Jones

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