The Best Brush for Woodstains & Varnishes


In need of an excellent paint brush to use for woodstains and varnishes? The Kana Tank brush is a great, reliable and cost-effective brush solution for professional decorators and DIY enthusiasts. 

The Kana Tank brush was specifically designed to be used with woodstains and varnishes. Its innovative 2 in 1 combination of a natural bristle tank with a synthetic bristle coat makes it a truly unique brush. The concept of a brush within a brush means that one dip can cover up to 30% more surface area than other brushes. 

The finely tipped synthetic bristles that surround the natural bristle tank apply an even coat and leave a fine, smooth surface finish. 

High quality swell resistant plastic was chosen to make the ferrule ideal to use with woodstains and varnishes. The ergonomic, wooden brush handle is designed for extra comfort during use. 

In September 2020, the Storch-Ciret Group proudly announced that the Tank brush had received the official European patent for its innovative brush technology. The patent covers the full range of Tank brushes available in Europe, including the Kana Tank Brush available on the UK market, as well as the WoodStar, LasurSTAR and Kana Turbo, that are sold across Europe. 

Kana, one of Ciret’s four brands – ROTA!, Kana, masq & prep; offers a wide range of paint brushes and brush accessories. Brushes range from synthetic to mixed bristle brushes for interior or exterior use and offer different ranges from entry level to professional and premium quality. 

Ciret prides itself in providing high-quality products for the painting and decorating industry. To ensure excellence and consistency, Ciret manufactures their brushes and other decorating products in their own factories across the globe. 

The Kana Tank brush is part of a wide range of professional paint and specialist brushes. Take a look at the full Kana range here… 


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Email: 02392 457 450

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The Kana Tank is one hell of a paintbrush!! Great for varnish and stain, it holds loads of material and distributes it evenly. Easily one of the best brushes for woodstains and varnishes on the market.

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