Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish Review

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Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish is a fully water-based product available online in matt, satin, and gloss finishes. You can apply this product via brush or roller, on hard or soft wood, over previously sealed or bare surfaces.

You should apply at least 2 coats of Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish, leaving 2 – 3 hours between coats. It will take slightly longer for this varnish to fully cure and harden. This is an interior product only. Click here for more info.


My Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish


There seems to be a lot of woodcare products around now. Wax oils are brilliant for interior woodwork such as floorboards and veneered doors etc, but stain and varnish are still favourites amongst homeowners. When I started as a Decorator some twenty odd years ago, water-based varnish products just didn’t cut it. The overall finish looked cheap, and the durability wasn’t good enough.

Things are different now; you can have a varnish with all the benefits of water-based, including low odour, quick dry, and easy application, but with the overall appearance and durability of oil-school products like Yacht Varnish.


Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish is fantastic! Not only does it look good, but it’s extremely easy to work with. You don’t need to work the material over and over to get an even finish. It almost seems to level itself out.

You should always apply any varnish in the direction of the grain of the wood, and Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish is no exception. That said, most other varnish products leave visible brush marks, especially the water-based products, but Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish doesn’t. It’s impressive really.

The overall finish is good too. It sinks into bare timber and adds a sense of depth. Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish really brings out the grain and natural beauty of the timber. Once you’ve used this, you won’t go back to using oil-based.

One thing to look out for though – Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish is touch-dry in no time, and it can be tempting to apply another coat too soon. You should always adhere to the recommended drying times to avoid blistering. Click here for more information.


Best Tools to Apply Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish


I thought I’d include a quick section on the best tools to use to apply Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish. If you intend to use a roller, opt for a foam roller, and lay it off with a brush after you’ve applied the varnish. Any generic foam roller will do the job.


However, the right brush will make a huge difference. The Kana Tank Brush is the best for any varnish or oil. It comprises of natural hog hair fibres at its core, and soft synthetic bristles around the outside. This makes it perfect for holding and manipulating thin materials like varnish and stain, which makes achieving a good finish even easier. Click here to see online prices.

Another couple of items to put on your shopping list would be a new paint kettle and tack cloths (see below). You should aim to keep surfaces as dust-free as possible when applying varnish, and a tack cloth will remove all the fluff for you. A clean kettle will also help keep contaminants out of your varnish.

Fiddes Premier Wood Varnish Review – By Mike Gregory

Updated Jan 21, 2024 | Posted May 28, 2023 | 0 comments

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