Masq painters tape review and guide - the best painters masking tape available

Masq Painters Tape Review and Guide

By Mike Gregory


The masq painters tape range from Ciret seems to go under the radar a little bit, but I’ve been using it for years and genuinely believe it to be one of the best performing brands out there. Not just because of the performance, but the price of the products are remarkable for the quality you receive.


Ultimate Painters Tape (red)


I thought I’d start with the ultimate painters tape, simply because it’s one of the most impressive masking tapes you’ll ever come across. You can use this product internally or externally and it’s safe to be left exposed to UV for around 120 days, which is almost unheard of!! This tape uses a very strong adhesive, meaning you can use it on stonework without issue. You can even use it on WET glass or windows, which again, is unheard of. It’s nice to know you’ll still be able to remove your tape, even if it gets wet because of rain. Other brands fall to bits, or leave glue residue.


Even though the ultimate painters tape is designed to cope on “hard to stick surfaces”, it is also a very thin washi paper with a precision edge. On a flat surface you will experience no paint bleed at all. I go through boxes of this stuff when masking up external windows ready for spraying the surrounding walls. It’s easy to use, sticks hard and fast, never lets me down and is easy to remove. Everything I could want!!


I do use it internally on carpet, but you wouldn’t opt to use this tape on previously painted or delicate surfaces. The glue is very strong compared to other tapes and can pull when you remove it.


Superior Painters Tape (Yellow)


Another product designed to work as well as it possibly can do. The superior painters tape is another interior and exterior product which can be left down in the sunlight for up to 60 days without issue. This is another very thin washi paper with no paint bleed. This tape is extremely easy to use and then remove again afterwards. You might use this tape to mask sharp lines on windows before painting. I use it when spraying windows. It’s another product I have absolute faith in, and I use it on an almost daily basis.


Low Tack and Sensitive Painters Tapes (Purple and Lilac)


I thought I’d do both of these tapes together as they’re fairly similar. When it comes to sensitive tape, there is a balance to be struck between the strength of the adhesive they use, which is what will stop paint bleed, and being sensitive enough to leave sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper undamaged. I think a lot of tape manufacturers struggle to find that balance. Ciret have covered both bases here.


The “low tack” is slightly higher tack than the sensitive and you’d use it on surfaces such as freshly painted woodwork or walls. It performs well enough for you to paint onto the tape and achieve a nice sharp line with no paint bleed.


You will not create the same sharp lines with the sensitive tape. You wouldn’t with any tape of this kind from any of the brands available in the UK. However, you would be able to use it on wallpaper, or something similar and be confident it will not damage the surface.


Both products are manufactured from thin washi paper, are easy to use and easy to remove. You can use both internally and externally and they can be left down for up to 60 days (That gives you an idea of the quality doesn’t it).


24 Hour, 3 Day and 7 Day Masking Tape


These are cheaper crepe tapes, the type you’d use to pin plastic sheeting down, or mask carpets. Designed to a budget, they do a job and save the consumer money on jobs where high-performance tapes are not needed. Interior use only.


Where to Buy


These tapes are widespread!! You can buy them online, any Crown Decorating Centre, and just about a million other outlets. They’re cheap enough to be sold to the general public and easily good enough to be used by professional decorators. These are some of the best masking tapes on the market and my preferred brand in most situations.


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Masq painters tape review and guide