Blaklader Painter Trousers Review – 4-way-stretch

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You have different levels of painters’ uniform. The cheaper throwaway whites made by ProDec are uncomfortable and may only last a couple of weeks, but they serve a purpose. A step up from that may be Dexters, which are slightly smarter and better made. Then you have Blaklader, which are the best painters whites on the market. I use the latter option most of the time, so I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write a quick Blaklader Painter Trousers review. I hope you find it useful.

I’m expensive for a painter and decorator and like to target the higher-end work. I need to stand out from the competition and spending a bit more on my uniform helps me to do that. I know Blaklader Painter Trousers are expensive, but they do help set me apart from other local decorators. They come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, so try not to get them covered in paint and one pair will last you for years!!


About Blaklader Painter Trousers

Blaklader Painter Trousers Review – 4-way-stretch
The most comfortable decorators trousers

Let’s get down to business. The best place to buy Blaklader is online using discount code Paint10. These Painter Trousers are white with a black trim, which look superb! They are made from a breathable material. Meaning you will not sweat very much when wearing them.

They are described as ”4-way-stretch”, which enables these trousers to fit snuggly and remain comfortable. You don’t experience any tightening on your crotch when you stand up off the floor or kneel. Almost like wearing fitted designer clothing. They’re an absolute dream!

Another little party trick is they’re water resistant. From a decorator’s point of view, that’s awesome news. It means paint doesn’t stick to them very well. Just pop them on a cold wash at the end of every week and they come out sparkling!! It means you look clean and tidy for longer.


The Blaklader Painter Trousers also come with tapered legs and all the pockets you’d associate with Painters’ whites, including added straps. They have worked everything out so when your pockets are full, the weight is spread out over the trouser.

It is the overall quality and look which does it for me. It does feel like you’re wearing designer clothes for work, and I have every confidence they will last a lifetime.


Blaklader Painter Shorts

Blaklader Painter Shorts review- summer decorating
Blaklader Painter Trousers Review – 4-way-stretch By Lee Thornton

Also available online with the discount Paint10 are the Blaklader Painter shorts. These are much the same as the trousers, but with short legs. Again, it’s all about the comfort for me with these shorts, particularly on the backside and crotch area!! It’s the same stretchy material as the trousers, so there is a lot of ‘give’ in them when you’re climbing up and down a ladder.

I made do with ProDec shorts last summer because they were all I could get hold of. I found them to be very uncomfortable, had no real pockets and only lasted a few weeks.


I thought I’d do things properly this year, which is why I went for Blaklader. I like the external pockets on them. They are attached so any extra weight is carried by the belt, which sounds simple, but it means you can fill them and remain comfortable.

In fact, there are pockets all over. Loads on the legs, including a zip-pocket for your wallet, and a couple of back pockets. There are also straps so you can hang tools like a hammer, or sky hook. No more Betsy for me!!

Updated Dec 6, 2023 | Posted Mar 24, 2022 | 1 comment

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  1. Jorgen Clewes

    Bought a couple of pairs of Blaklader a month or so ago. Got to say they are superb. Wouldn’t go back to Dexters which I used to use. These are noticeable better and I’ve been more productive due to the pockets with having everyrhing to hand.


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