Zinsser Gardz before hanging wallpaper – When to use it


The answer for me is “sometimes”.  Sometimes you should use Zinsser Gardz before hanging wallpaper. People get mixed up and think Gardz is a substitute for normal size, and it is in a way. But Gardz does so much more!

Picture this scenario; you strip a room ready to redecorate. You now need those walls as smooth and clean as possible, however no matter how much you sand them, you keep getting little grains of dirt coming off the wall. These might show through your finish paper. The answer is a coat of Zinsser Gardz! Just apply a quick coat, allow to dry and then sand again. You surface will be as smooth as a baby’s backside and as stable as a nun in rehab!!


prepping a wall ready to apply wallpaper

Key Benefits


There are other benefits too. As well as being a water-based stabiliser, Zinsser Gardz is a breathable alkaline primer. Meaning it has the capability of neutralising any acid from say lime plaster. Gardz is easy and quick to apply, gives an even drying rate for your paste across the whole wall and gives you slip when applying your finish paper.




If you want to use Zinsser Gardz when wallpapering, you need to be aware of a couple of things. The drying rate of your paste will be decreased because the moisture has nowhere to escape. The other issue is a biggie, adhesion of paper to wall is also affected. You need to use a stronger paste or do what I do and throw a cup of PVA in with it. It is probably best to avoid starch based paste as it contains a lot of water.




If it is an old house and the walls are in bad nick you should crack on and use it. If not, then there is no point in using Zinsser Gardz before hanging wallpaper. If you want more info click here



Where to Buy


You can buy Zinsser Gardz from loads of different outlets including Crown, Dulux and Johnstone’s Decorating Centres. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy online. One of the best places I’ve found is TopDec brush.

pva and paste

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