Axus Arystox Sandpaper Review

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I wouldn’t normally review something as mundane as sandpaper, but the Axus Arystox does stand out from others in the industry. Available online, you can buy Axus Arystox as paper on a roll, as sponge pads, and sponge blocks. Various grades available.


The Product


Axus Arystox is unlike anything I have used before. It’s a ceramic oxide abrasive, which is tech brought over from other industries. As far as I’m aware, this is the first time this technology has been used in the decorating industry.

The grit has a microcrystalline “self-sharpening” structure, so tiny pieces fall off as you sand, revealing new sharp edges.  The difference between this and ordinary abrasives is that this process continues right until all pieces have been used – so the abrasive remains sharp right from new until it’s worn out (it doesn’t gradually wear out).


The mineral is also very hard, so it cuts the surface much more rapidly, minimising exertion.  Finally, the fracturing pieces are so small that it takes a very long time for them to all break down, resulting in an abrasive of unrivalled longevity.


My Axus Arystox Review


Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? As a decorator I have been using Axus Arystox for a few weeks now. Until I tried it, I assumed all sandpaper was the same. Now I know differently.

Axus Arystox is indeed sharper, which doesn’t necessarily mean it rips a surface to bits. However, it does mean sanding a surface down is a lot easier and quicker. You really notice it when working for prolonged periods.

Axus Arystox seems to go for miles too. One pad can be used solidly for hours without having to get a new one. So, not only are you saving on labour, but you’re also saving money on materials. Click here for more information, or to see current prices.

Axus Arystox Sandpaper Review – by Mike Cupit

Updated Apr 9, 2023 | Posted Oct 21, 2022 | 0 comments

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