Wethertex Masonry Paint Review

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Wethertex AP77 flexible smooth masonry paint is an exterior product used to coat masonry surfaces such as render, brick, rough-cast, pebble dash and stone. You can buy this product online in 5, 10 or 15 litre tubs.

The AP77 is breathable, self-cleaning, very water resistant, flexible and will stick hard and fast to most surfaces. You can use either brush and roller, or airless sprayer to apply this paint. It is also self-priming over stone, eliminating the need for a separate product. This is my Wethertex masonry paint review, I hope you find it useful.


Application and Performance of Wethertex Masonry Paint


You can use Wethertex masonry paint straight from the tin with ease, however the opacity is very good, meaning you can dilute with clean water without having to apply additional coats.

The overall finish is awesome!! Very flat matt with little to no sheen. This eliminates any danger of flashing and you’re left with a rich colour and luxurious looking surface. Because of the low sheen level, imperfections to the surface are masked well.


Wethertex smooth masonry paint is not as plasticy as some of the other popular brands, however you can still flood surface cracks to hid them brilliantly.




I’ll be honest, this is a premium quality product and one that goes under the radar a little bit. As well as the finish, Wethertex smooth masonry paint is highly breathable, meaning you can use it on render which holds onto water, or even render containing lime cement. Between its breathability and high adhesion, you know this product will last!

There’s more! The self-cleaning qualities of this paint means water, however dirty, will run off without leaving a mark. You can expect Wethertex smooth masonry paint to last a good 20 years before having to redecorate.

For more information on Wethertex masonry paint, click here to see their website. Or for prices and colour choice, please visit www.rawlinspaints.com.

Wethertex AP77 flexible smooth masonry paint review. great opacity
Wethertex AP77 flexible smooth masonry paint

Best Tools to Apply Weathertex AP77


As with any paint, having the correct tools will result in a better job. Weathertex AP77 is a pleasure to apply, but exterior surfaces are never smooth. The more paint you can apply per coat the better.

The Hamilton Perfection long-pile roller will make life easier for you. It holds loads of paint, deposits it evenly, and seems to go for miles. Available online here.

As for the brush, I like the Purdy XL Monarch Elite. It isn’t the cheapest paintbrush in the world, but it’s perfect for use in masonry paint and will last for years. Available online here.

Wethertex Masonry Paint Review – By Mike Gregory

Updated Apr 26, 2023 | Posted Jun 7, 2021 | 3 comments

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