Purdy Colossus Paint Roller Review

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Purdy have been a staple brand for the painter and decorator for a long time now. As a professional decorator myself, I use these products a lot. I thought I’d take a little bit of time to write a very quick Purdy Colossus paint roller review. I hope you find it useful.

You can get this paint roller in many sizes, including 6, 12, and even 15 inch. You need a traditional cage to house a 6” Purdy roller sleeve, and an adjustable frame for the larger sizes. Both frame and cage screw securely onto a pole, making it easy to roll your wall or ceiling. You can buy all the Purdy tools online by clikcing here, or many physical stores around the UK.

As Purdy are so well established, you do get a lot of copycats. Rollers that are the same colour, or similar branding. Don’t be fooled, the copycats may be cheaper, but they won’t have the same level of quality as Purdy.


My Purdy Colossus Paint Rollers Review


As mentioned, I’ve used this brand a lot over the years, and it’s still one of my favourites now. The paint rollers hold a ridiculous amount of paint and spread it evenly, making the paint job quicker and easier. I particularly like using Purdy paint rollers on a ceiling or blown vinyl wallpaper. They’re also fantastic for rendered exterior walls, as the thick nap seems to get into every crevice. This roller is equally good on smooth, flat walls too, but it comes into its own on surfaces where most other paint rollers would struggle.

You’ll find all the other Purdy equipment fantastic quality too. From the other rollers in the range, cages, frames, poles and brushes. They even do a backpack, which may be a bit of a punchline amongst decorators, but it’s still a quality bit of kit. I’ll go into more detail in the nest section.

The only drawback with the Purdy Colossus paint roller is the lint loss straight out of the packet. I generally wrap mine in duct tape, then pull any loose lint off, or put them in the washing machine. You only ever get lint loss on the first use, and it’s worth the extra hassle to break them in. Once you have, you’ll be left with the daddy of all rollers! Click here for more information.


Review summary

Purdy Colossus Paint Roller Review - Decorator's forum UK

A long-pile roller used to apply various paint products to different surfaces.

Product Brand: Purdy Tools

Editor's Rating:


  • Holds loads of paint.
  • Even distribution.
  • Easy to lay off.
  • Great for applying difficult products like contract matt.
  • My favourite roller for painting ceilings.
  • Also great for applying paint to exterior masonry.
  • Well made.


  • Can shed on its first use.
  • Not as good for applying eggshell and similar products to smooth walls.

Other Good Quality Purdy Tools


You now know all there is to know about the Purdy Colossus Roller, let’s talk briefly about some of the other Purdy Tools that are worth looking out for.


Purdy Pole

Purdy poles come in a couple of different sizes and fit both a cage and roller arm. You’ll find it robust and extendable. These poles last for years, even with daily use from someone as heavy handed as me. Click here to see current prices.


Purdy Monarch Elite XL

Monarch Elite XL is Purdy’s signature paintbrush, and it’s the brush most Decorators have in their van. It’s great for use with loads of different type of material, from water-based gloss and satinwood, some oil-based paints, and emulsion. It has a nice thick stock that holds loads of paint. It’s comfortable to work with, and it’s easy to cut a sharp lines. Click here to see latest prices.


Purdy Premium 10 in 1 Tool

The last tool I’m going to mention is Purdy’s 10 in 1. As a Decorator I use scrapers all the time…. This is like a scraper on steroids. It’s sharp, robust, comfortable to hold, and lasts for years. It’s also great for opening beer bottles. Click here to see current prices.




Do expensive paint rollers make a difference?

One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating is to invest in good quality paint, but then apply it with a cheap roller. This often leads to fluff in the paint, roller marks, and orange peel.

Get yourself a good quality roller sleeve, frame and pole. Not only will you achieve a better finish, but it’ll last you many jobs. Click here for more info.


Should you wet your paint roller before painting?

Wetting your paint roller slightly before use is a great idea. It ensures the roller will hold more paint on the first few strokes. This ultimately leads to a more even finish.


How many times should you reuse a paint roller?

As a Decorator, I use the same roller frame and pole every day for years on end. The only thing that really needs changing is the sleeve, and providing you go with a good quality brand like Purdy, even the sleeve will last dozens of jobs. You can paint your house many times over with the same roller.

Updated Jun 13, 2024 | Posted Sep 17, 2022 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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