Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt Review

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As a professional decorator, Dulux Trade vinyl matt is something I have used many times, particularly in tinted colours. In fact, it used to be the only vinyl matt I’d use at one point. Things are a little different now and I use a wide range of brands.

The product is widely available from any DDC, as well as thousands of other Stockists. One of the best places to buy both Dulux and Armstead Trade Paint is The Decorating Centre Online. The Dulux colour range is impressive too, as their vinyl matt can be tinted into around ten thousand different colours. Re-coat time is 2 – 4 hours, but you’re pretty much ready to rock once it’s touch dry.


Price of Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

You’re looking at around £70 – £80 per 5l in a tinted colour, which means Dulux Trade Vinyl matt is more expensive than it’s Crown Trade and Johnstone’s trade counterparts. A paint chemist once told me that it is easy to make a good paint that is expensive, but very difficult to make a good paint that is also cheap. With that in mind, I wouldn’t mind paying more for Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt if it performed better than the others.


Overall Finish of Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

Let’s face it, this is quite an integral part of any paint review, and I’m afraid I don’t have good news. Dulux Trade vinyl matt has quite a high sheen level which isn’t ideal, but it leads to a few other problems. A high sheen level means any imperfections on a wall or ceiling will be highlighted.

It also causes picture framing and roller marks unless you take measures to avoid them, and don’t even think about trying to touch up afterwards! The paint just falls short of the mark unfortunately.  If you are paying a premium you expect a premium product.


Redeeming Factors of Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

It isn’t all bad. Dulux Trade vinyl matt is quite durable for a standard matt emulsion. Ease of use is pretty cool too, it just flies on. You get the impression there is a lot of polymer binder in the paint. Opacity is great also!!

Bare plaster easily covers in two coats (make sure you water down your first one). Another thing I’d mention is how thick the paint is. It is just condensed, add a splash of water and off you go. This helps justify the price, as you’re actually getting 6 litres for the price of 5 by the time you’ve diluted the product.



There are better vinyl matt emulsion products on the market. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Dulux fan and I still use this vinyl matt on occasion. It is just that this product isn’t Dulux’s strong point. All in all I’d probably give it a 6 / 10 and that is being generous. Click here to see online prices.


Cheaper Alternative to Dulux Trade Vinyl  Matt

I need to mention Armstead Vinyl Matt quickly. Armstead is made by the same company and in the same factory as Dulux. It is cheaper, has less of a sheen level, leading to less issues and a much better finish. Opacity isn’t as good as the Dulux Trade, but it is still great in most colours (you struggle with pale shades). I can’t understand why Dulux think their premium product is the Dulux Trade vinyl matt, because not only is Armstead cheaper, but it’s also much better. Plus, if you buy it online, you can have it tinted into any Dulux colour, as well as any colour from a different brand. Click here to see online prices.


Best Tools to Apply Dulux Vinyl Matt


This section is based on nothing more than my own preference, although having the best tools for the job will ultimately help you achieve a better finish. Certain brushes and rollers suit certain paints. Any trade vinyl matt should flow reasonably well, so medium pile rollers and softer brushes are better.

I Like the RollingDog roller for this type of paint. It holds loads of material, distributes it evenly, doesn’t shed, and leaves you with a flat finish. Using a roller like this for vinyl matt will cut down on flashing and other defects. Available online here.

As for the brush, ProDec Fusion is me favourite. The bristles are tapered from base to tip, allowing it to hold more vinyl matt. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, reasonably priced and will cut sharp lines. Available online here.


What do Other Decorators Think About Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt?

I’ve always liked the Dulux Vinyl Matt. It covers well and it’s easy to use. Plus, the colour matching is getting better at DDC. If you struggle with flashing, then it might be an idea to get a better paint roller.

Have used Dulux vinyl matt a couple of times but I try to talk customers into diamond matt, (which says a lot about the vinyl), I think it picture frames if it isn’t ‘boxed’ and the finish is “OK”. It isn’t the best product Dulux make and it’s too expensive.

Johns Sweeney

Just use Armstead instead. Dulux tell you not to mix Dulux colours into Armstead bases, but it’s always worked for me. Armstead is cheaper and better.

Matt Harper

Dulux Trade manufacture some brilliant products. Their Weathershield masonry paint being one of them. I love their Trade Satinwood too. Exterior gloss is another one. All manufacturers have one gammy product: with Dulux it’s vinyl matt.

The sheen level is a bit high, but it isn’t as bad as you’ve made out. Just dilute both your cutting in, and rolling paint and work out of the same tub. You won’t have any issues with flashing if you do that.

Tracey Bulmer

Last time I used Dulux vinyl matt was maybe 2 years ago. It’s alright, bottom end of the scale for me. For the price it doesn’t do much special or amazing. Just a bog-standard wall emulsion. There are better products out there for less money.

Ryan Mangan


I use this often and love the stuff! You can achieve a very good finish if you’re using the right roller. The best rollers are prodec ice fusion or Hamilton medium pile.

I find the opacity of Dulux vinyl matt is spot on.

To be honest I don’t use much else. This suits what I do and rate it.

Danny Painter Zucko

Use it all the time and don’t have any issues with it . Covers well and the finish is good.

Julian Sell

It was my “go to” vinyl matt, used it for years with no problems at all. Now I’m moving over to velvet matt instead, brilliant paint

David Barrett

I use this product all the time. I do understand the issues people mention when talking about Dulux Trade vinyl matt. I still think it’s a good product and you can get a good finish with it. I just think there are better products out there for less money. The new Heritage paint from Dulux really is lovely. I could use that on pretty much every job.

Dulux use to do a product called “durable flat matt”. The paint was neither durable, nor flat, but it was a lot better than their standard vinyl matt. Less flashing, great opacity and an ok finish. I used it on ceilings a lot.

Dulux Trade do make some very good products. Their exterior paint range for example, is awesome. I like their oil-based satin and some of the Armstead gear is fantastic. It is a real shame they can’t make a good quality emulsion for a reasonable price!!

James Nuttall

Updated Jul 17, 2024 | Posted Feb 22, 2020 | 5 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.
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  1. Richard

    In deep colours dulux Matt seems bad for banding.
    I prefer the Tikkurlia colour vinyl Matt matched to dulux in deep colours especially. Touches up great , A lot cheaper too.
    Some issues coverage with the paler colours but Tikkurlia in process’s of bring new improved version.
    Separate note the Tikkurlia durable 5% Matt is suberb. Knocks spots off the dulux shiny diamond Matt.

    • Jason maguire

      Hey mike just alittle joke love the stirring stick in that dulux can.

    • Paul S

      Does Tikkurlia colour match to Dulux colours accurately?
      And can Armstead be mixed accurately to Dulux colours?

  2. Noel

    Last two tins I had mixed were really terrible. They were so sticky/gluey. Cutting in and rolling one wall at a time. Paint would lift off if went back over with brush and horrific roller texture (Hamilton medium microfibre) over the brushed on cutting in. Must have put 1 litre of water into 5 litres of paint in the end just to make it useable (but then you get probs with opacity)….. What is going on with ‘trade’ paint?! Genuinely get better results with off the shelf retail Dulux or Crown colours from B&Q etc

  3. Vince Robinson

    For some years now, I’ve been a Tikkurila fan, and choose to use it whenever possible. That said, I do normally like Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt. You can thin it s bit for cutting in, and it’s nice to roll. It’s just too expensive to use on a regular basis – and not as good as Tikki.

    I have a customer who has Natural Calico all through her home, and for her, I use Dulux Trade. It’s available ready mixed at Wickes, and with my discount and a few pennies back via Quidco, it’s way cheaper than at DDC, and it’s nice gear.

    With that in mind, I bought a few 7.5ltr tubs of BW from Wickes, as it was on offer there,and elsewhere, and as I was decorating my sons stairs (for free) I thought it would fit the bill on price and quality.

    How wrong could I be? It was awful. This was the first redec since his house was built, so I expected the first coat to soak quickly into the existing contract mush, but the finish coat was just as bad, and dried to a very course finish.

    Opacity was decent, but everything else pointed to it being a contract emulsion. It was nothing like any Dulux Trade VM I have used in the past. Didn’t have the old Dulux smell or the body.

    Very disappointing.


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