Armstead trade vinyl matt review - better and cheaper than dulux

Armstead Vinyl Matt Review

By Mike Gregory


Armstead, like Dulux is manufactured by Akzo Nobel and both brands are sold side by side online and in Dulux Decorating Centres. You should think of Dulux as Akzo’s premium brand and Armstead as its budget. That said, there are many Armstead products which are actually better than their Dulux counterparts. Vinyl matt happens to be one such example. This is my honest Armstead Vinyl matt review. I hope you enjoy it.


About Armstead Vinyl matt


Armstead vinyl matt is a trade quality emulsion designed for interior plaster walls and ceilings. It is touch dry in an hour or two and recoat time is roughly 2 – 4 hours depending on conditions. You should dilute this product for the first coat on bare plaster. You can use water to clean your tools after use. Oh, and you can have it tinted to any Armstead colour. They can normally mix a Dulux colour into an Armstead product, but can’t guarantee the accuracy (I’ve never had a problem).


Is it Any Good?


I’ve got to be honest, I absolutely love Armstead vinyl matt. It is one of the best trade vinyl matt emulsions on the market in my opinion. Opacity is great, it is nice and easy to use and it leaves a true matt finish. The best thing about this product is the price!! As Armstead is Akzo Nobel’s budget brand, Armstead vinyl matt represents amazing value for money. You can get a little bit of flashing if you’re not careful, but you can with any brand really. I use Armstead vinyl matt on a lot of my jobs and I’d recommend it to anyone.


How Does it Compare to Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt?


Don’t for one second think I’m only giving Armstead vinyl matt such a glowing review because I’m somehow biased towards Akzo Nobel. I’ll call a spade a spade and Dulux Trade vinyl matt is terrible in my opinion! The sheen level is too high, you get picture framing and flashing. The worst thing is the price which is shockingly expensive. Still miles better than any retail paint, but way below par for a trade matt with such a high price tag. Armstead is better.


Armstead White Vinyl Matt on a Ceiling


I thought I’d give Armstead vinyl matt in white it’s own paragraph, simply because it’s in my top 4 ceiling paints. Be sure to get the white and not “brilliant white”. Contrary to popular belief, dull white often looks best on a ceiling as it eliminates picture framing, roller marks and imperfections are less visible. Do not pick up the Armstead contract matt up by accident as the finish can be awful,



Best Place to Buy?


Armstead vinyl matt is widely available from a number of independent outlets, as well as Dulux Decorating Centres. This is traditionally a brand used by professional decorators. If you do not have a trade account, then you may be better buying online.


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Armstead Vinyl Matt Review