The Best White Emulsion To Use On Ceilings


We ran a poll on  The Decorators Forum to determine once and for all the best white emulsion to use on ceilings. It was an absolute landslide!! Tikkurila Anti-Reflex is officially the very best product to for the job. But here are some of the opinions which were given.

Macpherson’s eclipse for me. Coverage is excellent and so is the price

David Beynon

Tikkurila Anti Reflex, because it’s the nuts

Tim Courtney

Dulux brilliant white vinyl for me.

Gary Wheeler

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2, super stuff, leaves a super flat finish

Craig Smoggy Adams

Macpherson’s eclipse, cheap, excellent opacity, doesn’t flash and can be touched up. I personally don’t use anything else unless client asks for something else.

Paul Negus

Macpherson’s eclipse off the shelf at crown, reasonably priced, no issues with flashing

Brian Dean

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2, mist coat and 2 top coats, superb finish

Craig Smoggy Adams

Tikkurila Anti reflex is by far the best Ceiling paint around. The finish it leaves is second to none and it’s cheap as well.

Ryan Micheal Foulger

Macpherson’s eclipse. Cheap at £14 for a 10lts tub. Great coverage, no flashing

Ricky Dean Naylor

Tikkurila Anti- Reflex, leaves a flawless finish, doesn’t pull in the corners and doesn’t flash after touching in.

Michael Price

I use Armstead vinyl mat brilliant white, great coverage and good price from stax at the moment.

Paul Doddrell

I like crown covermatt, Armstead contract or Leyland. All pretty good for the price

Chris Bull

McPherson eclipse cheap and dries solid

Shaun Wilson

Macpherson eclipse

Mark Barnes

Eclipse, it doesn’t flash, is solid and cheap .

I want to try anti reflex 2 as heard so many good things about it

Darren Fleming

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2… simply superb… totally flat… can be touched up if you have missed a bit without that area flashing. I think a well painted ceiling is the most noticeable part of a job and AR2 never fails

Peter Kirkham

Covermatt, no streaks, no roller marks, bleaches out lovely

Steve Boiler Rowley

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2. Brilliant stuff, nothing better for ceilings

Tony Pfeiffer

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2 is the best cheapest one.

Ted Teddy

I’ve been happy with Johnstones premium contract matt, but use eclipse on problematic ceilings

Mick Green

Fleetwood, hands down

Adie Connolly

Tikkurila Anti-relfex, followed by super Matt

Steven Goldsmith

Dulux supermatt, dead flat and good coverage

Brian Sweeney

Dulux ultra matt!! Fantastic, designed for critical lighting from windows and up lighting.

Andrew Lee

Polycell cracked ceiling paint. Cracked or not, I use it. Excellent coverage and finish.

Elizabeth Pollard

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2, but if money is no object, the Benjamin Moore ceiling paint

Paul Cameron

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2 or Tikkurila nova 2

Dean Wilkes

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2 and then #eclipse

Rowan Mayer-Hughes

Crown Trade Covermatt, bleaches out superb and covers solid, doesn’t flash when touching up.

Anthony Johnston

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