Johnstone’s Perfect Matt White Review

Adam Featherstone

Johnstone’s Perfect Matt White Review


I have been asked to do a Johnstone’s Perfect Matt white review for the Decorators Forum UK. I have recently used the emulsion on a kitchen ceiling that was separated into two sections. So couldn’t really test it over a large ceiling for how it’s meant stop overlap marks and picture framing from occurring.

The ceiling was fresh plaster, I normally apply a mist coat of contract matt in the same brand I’m using as a top coat, unless there’s a specified undercoat. Unfortunately, I had already bought the paint for my current job, so I ended up doing the mist coat in Tikkurila Optiva Primer. I couldn’t wait to get going with the Johnstone’s Perfect Matt.

Once the ceiling was ready to be coated up, I cracked the Johnstone’s Perfect Matt open and give a real good stir. First impressions – it’s a very crisp, bright white and very thick and creamy, you can tell from opening the tin that this is a completely different type of paint altogether, you can see it’s not a typical matt emulsion

First coat of Perfect Matt applied typically on fresh plaster and contract matt. Opacity and coverage were very good.

Second coat applied, very good, smooth and silky too apply, and it does dry to very flat matt finish.

I did have to apply a third coat, could be because I didn’t use a Johnston’s contract matt, I do think that if I was putting it over an existing white ceiling it would go in two coats.


Johnstone’s Perfect Matt White Review Johnstone’s Perfect Matt White Review



Johnstone’s Perfect Matt is an excellent product that’s easy to apply and has a smooth, silky finish. I won’t hesitate to try it again, but the only downside I can see if the price. I asked when I picked it what the cost is. I don’t have a Johnston’s account, so Joe Blogs’ price is £113 Inc vat. If I had an account with good terms it would be £82 Inc vat. I would take a guess that the most popular white emulsion is Macpherson eclipse, or a product along those line. That would cost just £20 inc vat!

I personally use Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2, which is about £30 Inc vat, that works out at between £2 and £3 per litre. Let’s say I do have an account at Johnstone’s and get Perfect Matt for at £82, that’s £8.20p per litre! That’s a massive jump in price! On my current job, I’m using six 10ltr of Anti Reflex 2, so that’s £180. If I went for Perfect Matt that cost would be £492!! Remember that’s on an account with good terms, imagine if I wasn’t and had to pay £678!

Say a standard 3 bed house needs 2 to 3 x 10ltr to do all the ceilings, that’s £246 just on white emulsion, compared to £60 for Eclipse or £90 for Anti Reflex 2. That could easily make the difference between winning the job and losing it. Pricing has to be something that Johnstone’s need to look at if they want to sell to smaller firms/one-man bands.

Anti-Reflex 2 in white and Macpherson Eclipse don’t picture frame, go patchy and I’ve touched it in without issue. The big difference the Perfect Matt is how white the paint is. I’m a big Anti-Reflex fan, but the Perfect Matt is definitely the crispest, bright white I’ve ever seen.

The Perfect Matt is designed to be touched up, up to 4 years later, but I would point out that I’ve never been asked to touch up a ceiling up 4 years down the line. In most cases the lady of the house will take the opportunity to redecorate the whole room.

I would be more than happy to use it again if I had a client willing to pay the extra cost, or if the job had a ceiling that required a product designed for very large areas.


And that was my Johnstone’s Perfect Matt white review. For more information on Johnstone’s paint, click here

The best place I have found online to buy This product is The Paintshed





Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt has been designed for use mostly on large areas where critical lighting is an issue – we understand it’s a high value product, so wanted to provide a bit more background as to why we’ve introduced it to the market. In a survey we recently carried out, 73% of decorators told us that visible application marks are a problem in the industry – Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt has been designed to eliminate the risk of visible application marks, particularly on those larger jobs, or where the light in a room makes these issues more visible. It differs to others on the market due to its class 1 scrub resistance, full colour offer and its opacity –  it’s not just a ceiling product, it’s also designed for use on walls as well.

Additionally, where professional painters and decorators are called back to a job to spot repair where other trades have unintentionally damaged fresh paintwork, we know that labour and time on site will often outweigh the cost of product, and it’s this unexpected cost that can damage an overall project. The idea behind Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt is that it allows you to retouch an area without having to paint the whole wall. With all this in mind, even though Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt costs more than a standard matt emulsion, choosing Perfect Matt up front can reduce the overall cost of the project.

Every project is different and this product won’t be the right solution in every scenario. That’s why we have a full range of matt emulsions, each created with specific technology to tackle the challenges on each individual job. We want to ensure we are always providing a full range of products for professional painters and decorators, so you have a choice depending on what your project requires.

Although we’re confident the product will withstand the test of time, the claim about being able to return to a project after four years to retouch areas isn’t something that’s come directly from us as a manufacturer (we’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times). It’s not about the length of time, it’s more about providing confidence to those using the product that they can return to complete spot repairs as required, without needing to repaint the whole wall.

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