Johnstone’s Perfect Matt Review

Daniel James Wilson


Johnstone's perfect matt review



  • Smooth Layer Technology eliminates visible application marks highlighted by critical lighting for example large windows or spot lights.
  • Flawless, flat matt finish in every colour
  • Effortless spot repair
  • Class 1 scrub resistance


When I got asked to review this Perfect Matt from Johnstone’s, I was looking forward to it.  Previously I have used Dulux Diamond Matt, Crown Clean Extreme and Tikkurila Optiva 3 & 5. I wanted to know how perfect the white really is. Personally, I think the name is wrong as my idea of “perfect” may be different to someone else’s. However, I had already painted the kitchen ceiling in Macpherson Eclipse brilliant White which is only about £18 for 10L. So, you would expect a paint of £70 would be far brighter. However, not only could I not tell the difference, but neither could the customer! Maybe I should have tested it somewhere with a bit more lighting.


I painted the walls with 2 coats of Johnstone’s perfect matt via brush and roller. It flowed lovely from the brush and roller and cut in like a dream. I would normally cut in, then go over with a mini roller to avoiding picture framing, but with this I decided to test it by not using the mini roller. So, after cutting in and rolling, no picture framing was evident.

The paint has a lovely viscosity to it, no water required (unless spraying of course). The paint just flows from the brush, making it a pleasure to work with.

The opacity is good too, better I would say than Crown and Dulux. When dry it is a matt finish as stated, unlike diamond Matt that has a soft sheen finish.

Wipeable/scrub rate: 10,000


As you can see from the photos, I marked the walls with Tomato Ketchup (Heinz), mustard and a non-permanent pen. I felt this was a great way to review it’s durability.


The sauces wiped off with ease and the pen needed a slight scrub with scotch brite. This test was done only after 4 hours of drying time and after the 1st coat as I wanted to give it a challenge. No visible marks were left on the wall after wiping or scrubbing.


Overall the Johnstone’s Perfect White is a good paint to use, but does it warrant the price tag?


Well it’s on par with Crown and Dulux and has the same Class scrub rate, but Tikkurila Optiva 3/5 is nearly 30% cheaper and I believe it to be a better product for walls. Tikkurila Anti-reflex 2 for ceilings is only £40 avg 10L and I don’t think the Perfect White is worth double.


Overall this paint is no Victoria & Albert or Benjamin Moore but if you are a decorator that only uses local suppliers than its ideal for you to have choice and give your customers the choice. There are plenty of other products you can read about on the Decorators Forum UK.


One thing I would say is anyone can get a flawless finish with Johnstone’s perfect matt. If price doesn’t come into it and you’re not bothered about other products being better value for money, then perfect matt may be the product for you. It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve only given you a review in white, but this product can actually be tinted into any colour from Johnstone’s vast range.


And that is my review of Johnstone’s Perfect Matt. For more information about the product, check out Johnstone’s website


You can buy this product from any Johnstone’s Decorating Centre, or online from The Paintshed.



Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt has been designed for use mostly on large areas where critical lighting is an issue – we understand it’s a high value product, so wanted to provide a bit more background as to why we’ve introduced it to the market. In a survey we recently carried out, 73% of decorators told us that visible application marks are a problem in the industry – Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt has been designed to eliminate the risk of visible application marks, particularly on those larger jobs or where the light in a room makes these issues more visible. We’re really pleased that Daniel had chance to test the scrub resistance because this is a key point of difference for us as the product has been designed for walls as well as ceilings.

Additionally, where professional painters and decorators are called back to a job to spot repair where other trades have unintentionally damaged fresh paintwork, we know that labour and time on site will often outweigh the cost of product, and it’s this unexpected cost that can damage an overall project. The idea behind Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt is that it allows you to retouch an area without having to paint the whole wall. With all this in mind, even though Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt costs more than a standard matt emulsion, choosing Perfect Matt up front can reduce the overall cost of the project.

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