Teknos Teknoceiling 02 Paint Review

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Teknoceiling is the new low sheen acrylic emulsion developed and manufactured by Teknos to perform as well as it possibly can do on ceilings, however you can use it on walls also.

The idea being, the lower the sheen level, the less defects you will notice, such as picture framing, roller marks, brush marks etc. You will also see less shadowing caused by light hitting imperfections in your plaster. You can purchase this product in white, or a handful of pale colours. This is my Teknos Teknoceiling 02 paint review, I hope you find it useful.

Teknos are an up and coming brand in the UK and they’re starting to pop up at more and more stockists. Teknoceiling is available online for around £55 for 9L, making it competitively priced for a specialist ceiling paint.


So, is this Teknos Teknoceiling 02 any Good?


Well, it needs to be doesn’t it!! I know Teknoceiling doesn’t come with a premium price tag, but it isn’t exactly a Swiss army knife. It is designed with one niche purpose, to perform as well as it possibly can do on a ceiling.

Ease of use is fantastic!! It goes on as easily as any other emulsion and glides beautifully on the second coat!! It’s an absolute pleasure to apply.


Only a class 3 wet scrub rating, so I’d probably avoid using this one in bathrooms, or kitchens with poor ventilation.

Opacity is ok. I wouldn’t say it covers as well as most contract matts do, but you could potentially single coat a lot of ceilings and the finish would be absolutely fine. Bare plaster should be primed using a thinned coat of Teknoceiling, followed by two full coats to finish.

The finish really is gorgeous!! It is probably the best finish on a ceiling I have ever seen!! Very flat, no defects, and very little shadowing. It’s just luxurious and lovely, there’s no other way to explain it!! Teknoceiling could quite easily be the best ceiling paint on the market as far as the finish is concerned!! It’s certainly up there anyway, and I’m astounded they can produce a product of this quality for such a reasonable price!! Click here to see current prices.


When do you NEED to use Low-Sheen on a Ceiling


I’ve been a decorator for almost 20 years and back when I started, people used to yearn for “brilliant white” on basically every ceiling. The fact is, “brilliant white” doesn’t look as good as people think. You need something softer and more subtle. In my opinion (and take it from someone who has painted A LOT of ceilings over the years), the flatter the emulsion, the better your ceiling will look.

There are occasions when only a low sheen emulsion such as Teknoceiling will be acceptable. A light sensitive ceiling for example, is typically a large ceiling with a lot of natural light at one end (usually patio doors or similar). When you look at a ceiling like this, you’re often not looking directly up, but more like across the paintwork. If you’re using a standard emulsion, defects such as flashing can ruin the whole effect. Teknoceiling is roughly the same price as a bucket of standard vinyl matt emulsion, so why wouldn’t you go for the product which is going to give you the perfect finish?

The other occasion is when you’re painting a ceiling with a lot of defects. Bad plastering is the perfect example of this. There is often no way to hide every trowel mark without re-skimming the whole lot. A paint that isn’t going to shadow will help massively.


Final Thoughts


Specialist ceiling paints are becoming the norm, simply because they perform better than anything else available. Teknos Teknoceiling is a brilliant product, particularly in light-sensitive areas where defects would otherwise be visible.

I don’t think I’ve spoken to a decorator who has tried this and not raved about it afterwards. Give it a go, you’ll love it too. Click here to see current prices.


Best Tools to Apply Teknos Teknoceiling


I thought I’d include a few lines on my preferred tools to use to apply Teknoceiling. This paint is a very forgiving emulsion, primarily used on ceilings. So, large, long-pile rollers are ideal, as are brushes with a thick stock.

For that reason, I like to use a Purdy Colossus for my roller. You’ll find the nap thick and dense, so it holds loads of paint and can easily spread it over a large area. Available online by clicking here.

As for the paintbrush, you can use just about anything to apply Teknos Teknoceiling, but my personal favourite is the Purdy Monarch Elite XL. Available online by clicking here.

Teknos Teknoceiling 02 Paint Review – by Mike Gregory

The new Teknoceiling paint from Teknos is a very low sheen white emulsion, designed specifically for use on interior ceilings. The low sheen qualities helps eliminate imperfections such as flashing and roller marks.

You can purchase this product online by clicking here, or from a dozen or so different merchants. You should be able to buy 9l of this stuff for around £55.

What can I say about this new ceiling emulsion, well from lifting the lid and seeing a creamy emulsion, to using it, it was great. I found it very easy to stir and there were zero bits of latex in the paint. The 1st coat flew on and even after the one coat, the customer commented about how flat it was. I only waited an hour before second coating, although it looked absolutely solid after the first!! The opacity of this stuff is unreal!!

So, how does this compare to the likes of Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2, which is a firm favourite of mine? Or the likes of Dulux Ultramatt or even Caparol Capasilan? Well, you wouldn’t put a second coat on within an hour with any of those products.

The Teknoceiling dries to leave a superb and very flat finish. This is definitely now my new interior ceiling emulsion. Move over Anti-Reflex2, your time has gone and a new king of emulsions has arrived. I know this is only available online for most people, but it would be great to see it popping up at other stockists. Click here to see online prices.

Alan saddler

Professional Decorator

Updated Feb 19, 2024 | Posted Aug 31, 2021 | 3 comments


  1. John mcbride

    Great stuff won’t use anything else nowadays

  2. Jim

    How is it for overspray with say a Graco LP517 tip? Some paints spray better than others.

  3. Lesley Cuthbertson

    Hi there, Looking to buy Teknos Teknoceiling paint. Could you let me know likely delivery times? We’re actually reasonably local if delivery couldn’t be made before this coming Friday.

    Kind Regards. Lesley


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