Tikkurila Anti-Reflex 2 Review

Mike Cupit

Tikkurila ant-reflex is a very dull white contract matt emulsion. Used mostly on ceilings, it is ideal for areas with a lot of natural light


  • Can be used as a mist coat and top coat

  • Durable

  • Cheap

  • Hides imperfections


  • Poor opacity

  • You can only buy this product in a limited number of outlets

A Strange Product??

I’ll be honest, this product takes a little bit of getting used to. Let’s start with the opacity, or as some decorators wrongly call it, “coverage”. If you are hoping to get away with one coat over the top of an existing white emulsion, then you can think again!! Even if you are recoating a ceiling which is already a solid white, you will have to apply two full coats of anti-reflex to reach your desired finish. It’s strange stuff too, you can spray three coats of Anti-reflex onto a ceiling or wall until its solid, then if you want to go the whole hog and apply an additional coat via brush and roller, it doesn’t look solid anymore?! How does that happen?! It takes two coats to cover something that it’s already covered??? Witchcraft is you ask me! Black magic right there!! The most important tip I could give you, get plenty on!! Hell, it’s cheap enough. Load that brush, use a long pile roller. Get it on with a spade if you can!

Too Harsh??

Let’s look at some of the issues with a lot of white emulsions, especially when coating large, light sensitive ceilings. That’s right, picture framing and roller marks… And I know what you’re going to say, “a good decorator can get a good finish with anything”. Well you’re probably right, but that’s because a good decorator can identify a pitfall before it happens and work to avoid it. Believe me when I say I have used a lot of different products and nothing I have tried avoids picture framing as well as Tikkurila anti-reflex. Anti-reflex leaves a very dull matt finish and because it doesn’t reflect a lot of light, it hides a multiple of sins. I’d go a little bit further to be honest, I know Mrs. Jones has it in her head a “BRILLIANT WHITE FINISH” is what her kitchen ceiling longs for, but she’s wrong! The anti-reflex may be dull, but it leaves a rich luxurious finish which is exactly what Mrs. Jones SHOULD be using on her kitchen ceiling.

Did Someone say KITCHEN ceiling??

 Well yeah, and here’s another reason Mrs. Jones should use a bit of the old Tikkurila on her kitchen ceiling… Because it’s a durable matt!! Yes, a contract matt that doubles up as a durable!! Don’t get too carried away, if you scrub at this stuff, you’ll leave shiny cloth marks in an otherwise sea of dullness. But you will have a completely waterproof coating which is resistant to nasty grease, steam and other pollutants. I have no qualms using this CONTRACT MATT in someone’s bathroom or kitchen.

Give it a spray

I love spraying, I do loads of it. It’s all good until you’re spraying a big, badly plastered ceiling. You must have had it, your finish is as smooth as glass, but you still get shadows due to the unevenness of the plater work, making it look patchy. Or worse still, your tip is on its way out and you’re getting track marks!! Believe me when I say, there is nothing more enjoyable to spray than anti-reflex!! More so when spraying than with brush and roller because you’re not knocked by the opacity issue as much! After all, it only takes 5 minutes to throw an extra coat at a ceiling once you’re all tapes up. Track marks are hidden (not that I suffer from such a fate), and shadowing is minimal. As mentioned somewhere further up, Tikkurila anti-reflex can be used as a mist AND as a top coat. So, juice your first coat right down and you’re good to spray an additional two top coats straight on. You’ll have the perfect finish by brew time.

Did Someone Say Pricey??

Well no, not me!! Less than £30 including the VAT if you’re a member of Tikkurila’s Pro Club (basically a trade account). That’s for a 10L as well, which for a durable matt is remarkable…. Hang on, for a contract matt its expensive!! Oh, now I don’t know if it’s expensive or not!! What I do know is I go through absolutely loads of the stuff!! I buy twenty buckets at a time maybe once a month and it’s pretty much all I use on ceilings and even mist coating. I can see why it was voted the best emulsion to use on ceilings) on the Decorators Forum.

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