WRX Ceiling Paint Review

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WRX Ceiling Paint is a moisture resistant emulsion for use on interior ceilings. It dries to a flat matt with hardly any sheen at all. Touch dry in less than an hour, but re-coat time is 4 – 6 hours (you can apply additional coats a lot sooner, although the paint will drag slightly).

This paint is only available in white and you can buy it online, as well as several trade paint outlets. Click here to see online prices. This blog represents my honest Ceiling Paint review, I hope you find it useful.


My Review

wrx ceiling paint review - the best white emulsion for a ceiling

I’m going to be honest and throw this straight out there. WRX Ceiling Paint is easily one of the best white ceiling paints I have ever used. The opacity is unreal, and you can easily cover a previously painted ceiling in one coat.

The finish is soft, flat and luxurious, everything you need it to be on a ceiling. Being moisture resistant means you can use it on most kitchen and even some bathroom ceilings with confidence. Imperfections in the plaster are hidden nicely.


Ease of use is great too. Just remember to dilute your WRX ceiling paint by 10 – 15% before you use it. Opacity is still amazing, and your paint will go for miles!!

The image below shows just how good this paint is!! One coat of diluted WRX in white over a grey and it pretty much covers solid in one coat. This really is brilliant paint!!


Is WRX Ceiling Paint Good Value for Money?


The short answer is, “yes”. You’re looking at roughly £45 including VAT for a 5L tin. This is very much a premium product, and it does go a long way, however it is pricey. There was a time when it didn’t really matter what vinyl matt you used on a ceiling because they all gave a similar finish.

It’s slightly different nowadays. Large, open plan rooms are now the norm and the overall finish on a ceiling is important. WRX ceiling paint gives you that finish every time.

So, if you don’t mind paying a little bit more for a better quality of paint, then this is ideal for you. Click here to see online prices.


Best Tools to Apply WRX Ceiling Paint


I think having the correct tools for the job help when painting any ceiling. You should use a long-pile roller, a pole, and a brush with a thick stock that holds its shape.

You won’t find a better roller to apply WRX Ceiling Paint than the Purdy Colossus. You will need to de-lint the roller before using it, but you’ll find it holds a phenomenal amount of paint and lays it off nicely. This will make applying WRX Ceiling Paint a lot easier, and you’ll avoid roller marks and picture framing. Click here to see current prices.

As for the brush, I’m going to go Purdy again. The Purdy Monarch Elite XL is perfect! You’ll find it easy to manipulate the paint, you won’t suffer brush marks, and it flows nicely. Click here to see current prices.


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WRX Ceiling Paint Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated May 18, 2024 | Posted Mar 29, 2021 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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