Armstead Durable Matt Review

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Armstead durable matt emulsion is widely available from Dulux Decorating Centre, or several different independent stockists. Unless you’re entitled to a trade discount, it is often cheaper to buy this product online by clicking here. Plus, by buying online, you can have any colour matched from a different brand. Armstead is owned by Akzo Nobel who also own Dulux, so both brands are generally sold side by side.

Armstead durable matt is available in a huge range of colours, including white and brilliant white. There is no need for a separate product when priming bare plaster, as a coat of diluted Armstead durable matt is easily up to the task.

Durable matt emulsion is often used on walls and ceilings which are occupied by young children or pets, but it can also be used in a kitchen. This is because it stands up well to knocks and scuffs. Plus, you can wipe the off bit down without damaging your wall


My Armstead Durable Matt Review


Right, I’ve told you the facts, now let’s get down to my opinion. I’m a decorator and I reckon I’ve used just about every trade durable emulsion on the market. I really like the Armstead!


Ease of use is fantastic, and you’ll find the second coat just flies on!! Opacity is ok, you can normally cover bare plaster in two coats. Big colour changes occasionally take a third coat, particularly when going from a dark colour to a pale colour, but this is rare.

The sheen level of Armstead durable matt is higher than that of the vinal matt, but this is normal. The best quality of this product is the overall finish, which is fantastic. You get very little in the way of flashing or picture framing in light sensitive areas, which is a common problem with some of the other durable matt emulsions.

Up until a few years ago, you could have any Dulux colour mixed into Armstead, meaning you could choose any colour and decide from the two brands once you’re in the shop. This was handy because some Armstead products are better than their Dulux counterparts, and vice versa. The Dulux Vs Armstead comparison makes for a very interesting debate.

Now things are a little different. You need to choose an Armstead colour if you want an Armstead product, and a Dulux for Dulux. This is a huge step backwards in my opinion. For the record, I much prefer the Armstead durable matt over Dulux Diamond. The sheen level is lower, and the overall finish is far better.

This is a minor irritation on an otherwise superb product / brand. Armstead is one of my favourites and I use it almost every week. I’d happily recommend it to anyone. Click here to see latest prices.


Review Summary

Armstead Durable Matt Review - Decorator's forum UK

A durable matt emulsion used to paint interior walls and ceilings. It is occasionally used to paint woodwork too.

Product Brand: Armstead Trade

Editor's Rating:


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Readily available.
  • Very easy to apply.
  • Nice finish.
  • Fantastic value for money.
  • Professional Decorators love this paint.


  • Opacity in pale colours is lacking.
  • The sheen level is slightly too high (If you want me to be very critical).
  • There are better products available, but not in the same price bracket.

Best Painting Tools to Use o Apply Armstead Durable Matt


It’s always handy to include a little section on the best tools to use to apply a particular product. Armstead Durable Matt doesn’t drag, but you need to apply a flat finish, so you need tools to match. A medium pile paint roller and soft cutting-in brush are ideal.

My absolute favourite roller for this type of product is the Axus Décor silk touch, simply because there is absolutely no orange peel at all. The walls are always silky smooth when finished, which is perfect when you’re decorating in someone’s home. The roller heads will fit the standard size cage. Click here to see current prices.

As for the brush, my preference is the ProDec Ice Fusion. You’ll find it reasonably priced, easy to use, and hold loads of paint. It’s the perfect paring for Armstead Durable Matt. Available online by clicking here.

Updated Jun 6, 2024 | Posted Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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