Crown Trade Vinyl Matt Review

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As a decorator, I use Crown Trade vinyl matt on a regular basis. You can pick it up from any Crown Decorating Centre, but unless you’re entitled to a trade discount, it will probably be cheaper to buy this paint online. Click here to see the latest online prices. The tin sizes range from tester posts, up to 10L buckets and you can get white, magnolia, or any one of about a million tinted colours!!

Out of all the trade decorating centres I use, Crown is easily the best option for the homeowner. The others can be very expensive unless you have a trade account. Whereas you can normally have a friendly chat with your local crown manager to negotiate better rates on single purchases. Their emulsions are generally a lot cheaper anyway.


My Crown Trade Vinyl Matt Review


So, we know Crown Trade is cheaper than Dulux and Johnstone’s Covaplus, you’d think that means it’s of lower quality, right? Well, it goes on nice and easily, leaves a nice flat finish and the opacity is spot on.  Two coats are easily enough to cover bare plaster and leave a solid finish. So, no complaints so far.

However, I don’t think Crown Trade vinyl matt contains much in the way of polymer binder. Your first coat is very porous, so the second coat can drag slightly. You can combat this by diluting the paint with clean water.

It’s also very easy to scuff the finished wall by knocking it with your elbow after you’ve finished painting, although it does seem to toughen up a bit as it dries. You can’t touch up either, but then that’s a complaint with most emulsions nowadays.


So, is it a Good Paint?


I may be over-criticising this paint because I actually quite like it. I think it’s better than Dulux, but not quite as good as Johnstone’s Covaplus. It’s far better than any retail matt out there and you can pick it up for a reasonable price. What’s not to love?? The best thing about this paint is the low sheen and the depth of colour. The finish really is gorgeous!


Crown Trade Vinyl Matt in Brilliant White for a Ceiling


I though I’d do a separate section for the application of this vinyl matt in white on a ceiling, simply because it performs particularly well. You see very little in the way of flashing and other imperfections, and you’re left with a very sharp, crisp finish. One coat is often enough to freshen up a ceiling that is already white, or two coats will cover bare plaster.


Review Summary

Crown Trade Vinyl Matt Review - Decorator's forum UK

A trade quality matt emulsion used to paint interior walls and ceilings.

Product Brand: Crown Trade

Editor's Rating:


  • Great opacity.
  • A rich matt finish.
  • Looks fantastic on a ceiling!
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Not very durable.
  • Can drag on application.

Need Something More Durable Than a Vinal Matt?


I have written a full Crown Trade paint review and guide which you can see here, but I just wanted to mention one other product. Crown Clean Extreme Scrubbable matt emulsion is one of the best durable emulsions on the market. It has a higher sheen level than a true matt, but the ease of use and overall finish are second to none. Not just that, but it comes with the highest scrub rating you can get. I really do rate this product!!


Final Thoughts


Crown Trade vinyl matt represents great value for money, which echoes Crown Trade as a whole. You will get a good finish with this paint and the price is very attractive. However, you will need to be careful not to let it drag on application, and your finished walls can scuff easily. You wouldn’t use Crown Trade vinyl matt in rooms with high traffic, or in homes with pets and small children.

 Click here for more information, or to see latest prices.


Best Decorating Tools to Apply Crown Trade Vinyl Matt


Very quickly, I thought I’d mention the brush and roller I use to apply Crown Trade Vinyl Matt. As the paint can drag, I tend to stick to a long pile roller and a brush with a thick stock.


Paint Roller

The Hamilton Long Pile roller is good, but my favourite is the Purdy colossus. You’ll make your life easier by using this type of roller when working with Crown Vinyl Matt. The paint won’t drag as much, and you’ll achieve a nicer finish. Available online by clicking here.


Paint Brush

As for the brush, I like Purdy Monarch Elite XL. They hold a lot of paint and keep their shape well. They also last for years. Available online by clicking here.

Updated Jun 6, 2024 | Posted Nov 25, 2021 | 4 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.


  1. Phil

    Hi Mike,

    Interesting article. I see you rate Johnnies Covaplus as a slightly better product, this surprised me as I have had some nightmares with Covaplus, most recently this week where 5 coats of off – white was required to cover a white. I still think it’s flashing but the customer is happy so I guess that counts. Also extremely lumpy and needed a couple passes through a strainer to get it anywhere near acceptable. Maybe I just caught a bad batch?

    • Mike Cupit

      It sounds like you picked up a bad tin. I’d be tempted to contact Johnstone’s

  2. richard

    As a budget option the MacPherson vinyl matt and most rest range is pretty good cheaper option.

  3. Mal

    I have found the Crown trade matt emulsion paint to be an absolute nightmare. I’ve used 2 5ltr tubs for an average size bedroom, & it’s still patchy. The first tub was thick & gloopy & it stuck to the roller better than the walls or ceiling. The second tub was much less thick so I had high hopes, but no, it still didn’t want to spread, & still pulled itself off with the slightest over painting.
    I will not be using this brand again.


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