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Time for a quick Crown Paint review. However, as you may already be aware, Crown manufacture a couple of different ranges of paint; one for trade and the other for retail. As I’m a Professional Decorator, I tend to stick to trade products. So, I’m going to focus on Crown Trade in this review.

I’ll work my way through each of the main products and give my honest opinion on each of them.


The Best Place to buy Crown Paint


One of the best places to buy Crown Trade paint is Crown Decorating Centre. They serve both trade and retail customers and their staff are very well trained. However, unless you qualify for a trade discount, you will almost certainly find Crown Trade paint cheaper online. The best places I have found is The Decorating Centre Online, and The Paint Shed. Both of these websited have a wide range of products, and they can match any other brand’s colour into a Crown Trade product, which can make things easier.


Crown Trade Clean Extreme Review

I thought I’d start with the jewel in Crown’s Crown. Clean Extreme is a durable emulsion which can be tinted into any colour from Crown’s vast range. It is available in a matt or eggshell finish, as well as having the options of added mold inhibitors, or anti-bacterial.

It is by far Crown’s best product and it is cheaper than the Dulux or Johnstone’s alternatives. Full bodied, high opacity in colours, great finish and lovely to apply. Clean Extreme has been voted the best durable emulsion on the Decorators Forum UK several times over. I’d recommend this paint to anyone. It is the perfect emulsion for high-traffic areas, or rooms with pets.

Crown Clean Extreme gets a 9/10 from me

Crown Clean Extreme is one of the best matt bathroom paint products available

Crown Trade Vinyl Matt Review


Crown Trade Vinyl matt has a lovey matt finish to it. That might sound like a daft thing to say, but the sheen level on some other brands is an issue.

I don’t think there are a lot of polymer binders in Crown vinyl matt, meaning it can drag when you’re applying it and the overall finish is not very durable.

In fact, you can scuff this paint by brushing against it if you use it in any strong colours. It is value for money though. Considering it is better than any retail vinyl matt, they deliver this product for a good price. The opacity is outstanding too!!

Crown Trade Vinyl Matt gets a 7 / 10. If it was a bit more durable this would be an amazing product.

Crown Trade Paint products on a shelf.

 Crown Trade Oil-Based Undercoat Review


Most people would think me petty adding an undercoat to the blog. After all, you don’t even see the undercoat when the painting is finished, so what does it matter? Well I wanted to give it a mention because Crown Trade is the best trade undercoat on the market. Opacity is brilliant, it is touch dry in no time, it goes nice and flat on a surface and it’s very easy to use. Crown Trade undercoat is the perfect base.

Easy one, 10 / 10 from me

Crown Trade Gloss Review


Crown Trade Gloss has a party trick! As you apply it, the paint has an apple green tinge to it. As it dies it turns into a brilliant bright white. The flow is ok for gloss and the finish is fantastic. Oil-based gloss starts to discolour and go yellow within a few weeks of being applied. Unfortunately, Crown Trade gloss is one of the oil gloss products that seems to discolour rather quickly. This is a massive issue, and for this reason, this is one of the Crown Trade paints I would not recommend.

4/10 – one to avoid

Crown Next Generation Gloss Review

I’m unsure why Crown have two different versions of the same product, but Crown next generation gloss is probably one of the best paints of its kind. It’s such a contrast to the “full Gloss” they also offer.

The finish is nice and it maintains it’s colour for a lot longer period. If I need to use an oil-based gloss on the interior of a property, then this is generally the one I go for. We also have a comparison blog for the best oil-based gloss products on the market.

9/10 for Crown Next Generation Gloss

Crown Next Generation is the best oil-based white gloss

Crown Trade Satinwood Review

Crown Trade Satinwood does not come in a “brilliant white”, but that isn’t much of an issue as I feel a satinwood should be dull anyway. Opacity is bang on, as is the ease of use. You can add a little bit of white spirit to dilute this product and still get a solid finish in 2 coats over previously painted surfaces. This does everything it’s supposed to. You can read my full Crown Trade satinwood review here.

I’ll give it a 9/10. I don’t think you’ll find a better oil-based satinwood.

the best paint to use on the woodwork of a rental property

Crown Trade Fastflow Review


Crown Trade Fastflow is Crown’s water-based trim paint range (undercoat, satinwood, eggshell and gloss). It is relatively easy to use if you follow the correct steps when applying the paint.

Always ensure your brush is kept wet, proper prep has been carried out, you use the correct system and you wipe a surface down with a damp cloth as you apply the paint.

Fastflow is a hybrid so it will yellow over time, however it will stay white for years before you notice the difference. The gloss has a really nice sheen to it and the satinwood levels off nicely. This is a good product. It’s faily eay to use, leaves a good finish, and remains durable.

Fastflow gets an 7/10.

Crown Trade Fastflow satin. This is great value for money

Crown Trade PX4 – Water-Based Adhesion Primer


Crown Trade PX4 is a water-based adhesion primer and stain block in one. It is one of the most underrated products in Crown’s arsenal and to be honest, not a lot of decorators even know about it. The adhesion qualities are brilliant, especially for a water-based product.

It works great when painting things like melamine or previously varnished surfaces. As it’s a stain block as well, it also stops any tannings coming through old timber so your paint finish will last. That said, it’s only an average stain block and sometimes you need a second coat of the product for it to fully work. The other downside is it seems to take an age to dry.

Crown Trade PX4 gets a steady 7 / 10 from me.

Professional decorator Ryan Fouger gives a review on Crown Trade PX4, a water-based adhesion primer and stain block in one product

Crown Trade PX3 – Solvent-Based Adhesion Primer


Crown Trade PX3 is a solvent based, stain blocking & adhesion promoting primer for interior & exterior use. Ideal for difficult surfaces including glass, tiles, melamine and previously painted surfaces, as well as most wood and non-ferrous metals. It also has excellent stain sealing properties and can be used on most surfaces subject to staining by smoke, crayon, tannin, water stains, mould and more.

A brilliant product and easily earns 8 / 10

Crown Trade Extramatt Review


This is a relatively new introduction to the Crown Trade Paint range. Extramatt is a very low sheen emulsion. This means you can use it on a ceiling and avoid defects such as roller marks and flashing. This is particularly useful if you’re painting an open plan or long room with lots of natural light.

Crown Trade Extramatt is only a contract matt, which means it isn’t durable enough for walls, and you wouldn’t use it in a bathroom. It also flashes over stain block.

These are the only negatives though. Crown Trade Extramatt is reasonably priced and leaves a very luxurious finish.

Crown Trade Extramatt Review

Crown All-Purpose and Translucent Woodstain


These two products don’t get enough of a mention in my opinion. Opacity isn’t a strong point, so it isn’t the best choice for previously stained timber, but on bare timber it looks amazing. The all-purpose woodstain penetrates deep into the timber and brings out the grain. Translucent woodstain is the finish coat for exterior work. The finish is rich and lasts for years. I’ve used loads of this in the past and always loved it. 7/10


Macpherson Alternatives


I thought I’d give Macpherson a mention as it is owned by the same company as Crown, made in the same factory and often sold side by side. Think of Crown as the premium brand, and Macpherson the budget. Expect to pay less but the products to not perform quite as well as it’s Crown Trade counterparts. There are still some brilliant products to look out for, Macpherson Eclipse is one which is awesome ceiling paint and the durable matt emulsion is fantastic.




Is Crown paint the same as Dulux?

Crown is made by Hemple. Dulux is made by AkzoNobel. They’re both good brands. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.


Which is the best Crown paint?

Crown Trade Clean Extreme is a fantastic emulsion! The durability and finish are absolutely spot on. I’d highly recommend.


Do Crown Paints own Farrow and Ball?

Crown paints is owned by Hemple, who also own Farrow and Ball. They seem to have kept the two brands separate up to now. I’m unsure whether this will always be the case.


Is Crown Paint thick?

Crown Trade Paint often comes condensed, so you can dilute with water or white spirit (depending on which paint you’re using). Just dilute it enough make the best consistency for the job in hand.


Is Sandtex crown paint?

Sandtex is indeed owned by the same company who owns Crown. The two brands are often sold side by side.


Who are the top 3 paint manufacturers?

The top three trade paint manufacturers in the UK are Johnstone’s, Dulux, and Crown.


What is the difference between Crown Paint and Crown Trade Paint?

Crown paint is made from cheaper materials and sold to retail customers from places like DIY centres. Crown Trade Paint is more expensive but is much better quality.


Final Thoughts


I hope this Crown Trade Paint review has helped you in terms of navigating the products. Sometimes it’s helpful getting an honest review from someone who uses a brand on a regular basis. It is also worth touching on Crown as a paint company.

Crown are a trust, meaning any profit the business makes goes to charity, rather than into the pockets of shareholders. They use the money to help community projects, and help dozens of organisations every year.

Another feather in the cap of Crown Trade is their Can Back Scheme. They run this scheme roughly once a year, and when live, anyone can take discarded tins of paint back to store. Crown Trade recycle everything using a charity called NIMTEC and as always, donate the proceeds.

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Updated Jul 17, 2024 | Posted Sep 9, 2019 | 9 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.
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  1. Jack Wardley

    crown next generation gloss doesn’t yellow mike

  2. Yasmin

    Hello, I am looking to paint my living room a warm white tone. I want a cosy feeling as it’s a room where we relax in. Which Crown paint in white a warm tone would you recommend, in a Matt finish?

  3. Jack Wardley

    if you want to use a crown paint crown trade clean extreme is the way to go but for better durability be better of going a eggshell which is the next sheen up

  4. Baz Manning

    Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Primer Undercoat. High opacity, good flow, almost no smell. Re-coat after 4 hours no problem. Can be sanded by denib or scuff. After over 30 years using oil based undercoat I can no longer see the point of it, to my great surprise. Highly recommended. The lack of smell is excellent, unlike its breatheasy gloss, which smells for 10 days.

  5. Baz Manning

    Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss. As a paint it does what you expect: hard wearing, easy flow, good opacity, quick drying. What it does not do is have low odour. It is sold as Breatheasy but we found its odd unpleasant smell lasted for 10 days, preventing use of a bedroom for a week. We will not use it again indoors.

  6. Baz Manning

    Crown fastflow quickdry Gloss. As a paint it does what you expect: hard wearing, easy flow, good opacity, quick drying. What it does not do is have low odour. It is sold as Breatheasy but we found its odd unpleasant smell lasted for 10 days, preventing use of a bedroom for a week. We will not use it again indoors.

  7. Baz Manning

    Dulux Quick Dry Gloss. It has good opacity and flows well but I would always use an undercoat, regardless of what it says on the tin. Its low Odour formulation is the best I have come across. Almost no smell at all, either whilst painting or once dry. The room could be used again the same day. Brilliant!

  8. John McCaffery

    I am at the moment using Crow trade brilliant white gloss I can honestly say I have never come across a worse paint in my life I am not a trades man but I have been painting my own homes and my parents since I was about 18 I am now 68 and this paint is awful

  9. Joanna Shenfield

    I used breath easy granite grey on a wall in my kitchen and I’m not a happy bunny. It wasn’t the easiest to apply but it looked good on the wall once done till I had to wipe a couple of marks off, the paint came off on my cloth and it left marks where I had wiped them 😱😱😱 I’m frustrated as I had put quite a large wall decal sticker on and I now have to ether take it off or try and get a colour match to paint round it.


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