Crown Trade Extramatt Review

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Crown Trade Extramatt is a low reflective emulsion used on interior ceilings and walls. This paint is only available in white and in 10L tubs. It is a touch-dry in 1-2 hours, and a recoat time of 2 – 4 hours.

Crown Trade Extramatt can be applied via brush, roller, or airless sprayer. You can buy it from any Crown Decorating Centre (click here to find your nearest store), or many other stockists. At the time of writing this review, the price is roughly £40 for a 10L bucket, which is very competitive compared to comparable products.


Where Would I Use Crown Trade Extramatt


For me, even though you can use it on walls, Extramatt is best suited for use on ceilings. Gone are the days when ‘any old emulsion is fine’ to use on a ceiling. You need a paint with a low sheen level to achieve the best finish.

I say this for a few reasons, but mostly because low-sheen emulsion paints show less defects than standard emulsion. Flashing and picture framing may otherwise be evident, especially on large ceilings in rooms with lots of natural light.

The other reason is peoples’ tastes have changed over the years. When I started out as a Decorator some twenty odd years ago, people wanted crisp brilliant white ceilings, or silk over embossed paper. A flat matt like Crown Extramatt is far more desirable now. It shows a luxurious softness and depth, and a flawless ceiling can be one of the noticeable features in a room.


My Crown Trade Extramatt Review


So, we’ve established where I’d use Crown Trade Extramatt, let’s get down to my personal opinions on the product. Like most trade paints, Extramatt is condensed when you buy it. You can use it straight out of the tub, or you can dilute it to help the flow and ease-of-application. I find it easy enough to use straight from the tub.

The opacity of the paint is good. Two coats will just about cover a colour and leave you with a solid white finish. One coat of Crown Trade Extramatt is ample for a ‘quick refresh’ on a ceiling that is already white.

The finish is gorgeous too!! Extramatt is a very soft white that would suit almost any ceiling. You can apply it with a long-pile roller and not experience any defects. Make sure you apply generous coats, as this will help.

There are a couple of drawbacks to Extramatt; it isn’t very durable. This is fine in most cases, but I’d avoid using it on a bathroom ceiling, or walls in rooms with heavy traffic. The other downside is if you paint over stain block with this paint, the stain block will flash through. Extramatt is a little bit like contract matt in this respect. You need to spot prime any stain block with a different emulsion before applying a coat of Extramatt.


Final Thoughts


I use a lot of specialist ceiling paints and they all do a similar job. Some are better than others. Crown Trade Extramatt is an awesome product and unlike the others it’s reasonably priced. You can have a flawless and contemporary finish on your ceilings without spending big bucks, which is remarkable.

I really do rate this paint. I recommend you try it. Click here to find your closest store. If you prefer to buy your paint online, then click here to see online prices.

The Best Tools to Use to Apply Crown Trade Extramatt


As with any low-reflective paint products, you can apply generous coats of Crown Trade Extramatt and achieve a good finish. For this reason, a long pile roller and a brush with a thick stock are best suited. There are a lot of trade tools on the market which are ideal for this type of paint, but I thought I’d give you my recommendations.

Both products I’m about to mention are available form Crown Decorating Centre, but I’ll also link to websites in case you prefer to buy online.

The best paint roller to apply this type of material is the Purdy Colossus for me. You can use either a 9 or 12 inch. Both fit standard roller cages and arms. This roller holds and distributes huge amounts of paint, which is perfect when using Crown Extramatt. You will need to de-lint it before its first outing, otherwise you’re left picking bits out of the paint. But other than that, it’s perfect, and I’d highly recommend.

As for the brush, I’m going to go Purdy again and recommend the Monarch Elite XL. This has a thick stock and holds loads of paint. It’s also a very versatile brush, meaning you can use it in emulsion or woodwork paint. Because of the quality and the brush and the amount of paint it holds, you’ll find it strikes razor sharp lines with ease.

Crown Trade Extramatt Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Feb 13, 2024 | Posted Oct 2, 2023 | 1 comment

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    So Crown covermatt or extramatt on a kitchen ceiling?


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