Crown Trade Fastflow Satin Review


I was recently sent 2 tins of Fastflow satin in white by the Decorators Forum UK in return for an honest review.

This paint can be used for interior and exterior woodwork, as well as metal. Touch dry in approximately one hour and you can apply additional coats after around 4. This is ideal really as it means you can apply more than one coat in a day. Available in white, or most colours from Crown’s range. You must remember to use the Fastflow undercoat as part of the system. Do not try and cut corners by applying Fastflow satin directly to previously painted surfaces as it may fail over time.


It is ladled as a water-based product which is slightly misleading as it is actually a hybrid. However, do not let this put you off, because it only contains a tiny amount of oil, so you still get all the benefits of water-based.  Fastflow has basically no odour dries very quickly.


I chose this product to use in my customer’s home because they are an elderly, so “quick drying” was essential. Also, my customer has to breath in purified air through a filter system. If I were to use an oil based solvent which has a strong lasting odour, this could have an adverse effect on the air filter system.


I’m very happy I chose the Crown trade fastflow satin, as are my customers too…
The paint has a nice flow to it, no dragging, it’s a nice consistency, definitely no transparency… first coat goes on really well, great coverage, after the second coat the finish is perfect!


It is EXTREAMLY white and dries in under an hour ready to apply additional coats. Once cured, the paint seemed to stand up to a scratch test but only time will tell if the paint is durable enough for everyday use.

It’s the ideal paint for when you want a modern contemporary flat look. I read a lot about water-based trim paints and I know some can cost a lot of money. The fact that crown trade fastflow satin is on the shelf at any crown trade centre and various other retailers at a fair price is an added bonus. You can also buy this product online, which may work out cheaper if you don’t qualify for a trade discount.


I will definitely be using more of this paint for future work. It’ll be interesting to see how the Crown Trade Fastflow gloss stacks up against the satin.



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