Two Fussy Blokes roller review

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I’ve been asked to review the Two Fussy Blokes roller sleeves, kindly sent to me from the guys at Paint shack. The Two Fussy Blokes Rollers are available in various sizes, including 4, 6, and 12 inch. You can get them in different naps too, meaning you can choose the best roller for a particular job.

This is a nice and easy review for me to write. I’d like to start off by saying I’ve been using them for a few months now, and the Two Fussy Blokes make the best roller sleeves I’ve ever used in my professional career.

The 5mm I use for woodwork paints. Since I’m in the 21st century, I like to use water-based woodwork paint. The 5mm are amazing in water-based!! Other rollers struggle and you end up having to lay it off with a brush. The finish with the Two Fussy Blokes heads is as close to a spray finish I’ve come across. Rolling white gloss in particular looks amazing!!


You can, for example, on standard 6 panel door, cut in the panels and roller all the flat surfaces and not lay off. The paint will level off and leave a perfect finish. This helps speed things up too!!

Cleaning the Two Fussy Blokes rollers is also very easy. They seem to wash out in no time. The 5mm sleeves I reckon won’t last a lifetime, I’d put that down to the short pile length and the build-up of resins left of paints. That’s only a minor downside, but I was contemplating whether to even add that to the review as no roller lasts very long when you’re using it every day.

I’ve used the 5mm with Dulux Trade, Tikkurila Helmi range, and Benjamin Moore advanced and aura and each time the finish is flawless.

The 10mm sleeves are perfect for emulsions, holds a serious amount of paint and again, leaves a perfect finish. I know a few guys use the 10mm sleeves then lay off, I personally haven’t tried that yet because I’m happy with the finish the 5mm leaves.

All in all, definitely my go to mini roller sleeves, 100% worth the money and I’d recommend it as a must have for any decorator.

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Two Fussy Blokes in the last Couple of Years


Since writing this review, I’m happy to report that the Two Fussy Blokes roller sleeves have taken the UK market by storm and are now everywhere!! Rightly so too, as they really are a cut above anything else out there. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Not only do they perform well, but they last for ages. Click here to see online prices.

Two Fussy Blokes Roller Review – by Adam Featherstone

Updated Apr 30, 2024 | Posted Aug 6, 2018 | 2 comments

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About the Author

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  1. Stuart Yates

    A quality product!.

    I would agree with Adam 100% the best mini roller on the market!.

    • Jon

      Hi I agree that the Fussy Bloke roller gives a good flat finish (no orange peel) However I was disappointed because I used one with gloss metal paint on a flat surface. When I compared it to an identical panel, painted with paint from the same tin but with a cheap foam roller, the Fussy Bloke panel was dull and more like I had used a satin paint.


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