Best Emulsion for walls and Ceilings

Mike Cupit


Ok, I’m going to take you through the choices I think you should look at when deciding on the best emulsion for walls and ceilings. Firstly, as any decorator will tell you, trade paint is a little more expensive, but far superior to paint manufactured for retail. Just because a tin of paint has the word “Dulux” on it, don’t think that automatically make it a good choice. Get yourself to a Trade Center and buy quality.

I’m going to take you through the main brands on vinyl matt emulsion in this blog, and I’m going to be quite critical because I think the quality of all these products have dropped slightly in recent years due to budget and the rising costs of materials. Picture framing and roller marks can be an issue with any brand of emulsion nowadays.

If you want something a little more durable, then check out my earlier review on the best durable matt emulsions. Or if you are picking out paint for a kitchen or bathroom, check this one out.



Crown Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion

Crown Trade vinyl matt gives you a true flat matt finish you would hope to achieve from this type of emulsion. In fact, it is probably the best finish out of all the products listed in this blog. Being a flat matt, it will hide minor imperfections well. It is also very reasonably priced. The only downside to Crown Trade vinyl matt is it doesn’t seem to have much in the way of polymer binder (the vinyl bit), meaning it’s more like a contract matt.  This can lead to dragging when applying additional coats and the overall finish is never very durable. Crown Decorating Centre is also the most welcoming to the general public.

I will give Crown Trade Vinyl matt an 7/10, mostly because I think it represents value for money.


Johnstone’s Covaplus Emulsion

Covaplus is Johnstone’s version of a trade vinyl matt. You can achieve a flat matt finish which is more durable than that of Crown but is a little more expensive. It is probably as durable as you can expect from a vinyl matt. This used to be the best trade choice for walls and ceilings on the market, and perhaps still is, however you now need to be conscious of picture framing.

I’ll give Covaplus Emulsion an 8/10, I still think it is the best choice for walls.



Dulux Trade Vinyl matt

Dulux is the most expensive trade vinyl matt on the market, with the most problems. The sheen level of Dulux Trade vinyl matt emulsion is just too high, meaning picture framing and roller marks are a nightmare. It is more durable than the other choices and opacity is bang on.

I’ll give Dulux Trade vinyl matt a 4/10. I know some decorators do swear by it, but for me it is too expensive for such a flawed product



Armstead Vinyl Matt

Armstead is the value brand owned by AKZO Nobel, who also own Dulux. I wasn’t going to include any of the value paints; however, Armstead is quite an interesting one. Sold side by side with Dulux in Dulux Decorating Centers, Armstead is by far the cheaper product. It also has a lower sheen level, meaning you get less problems with picture framing and roller marks. The only downside is the opacity isn’t there in the pale colours, meaning you sometimes need to apply a third coat. Other than that, I think it is a far superior product to its Dulux counterpart.

I’ll give Armstead vinyl matt emulsion an 8/10


And they are my thoughts I think you should consider when choosing the best emulsion for walls and ceilings. I hope you found it useful