Dulux Diamond Matt Review – Durable Emulsion

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Dulux Trade Diamond Matt is a durable emulsion used on internal walls and ceilings.  You can buy this paint online by clicking here, or from any Dulux Decorator Centre in white, magnolia, or any of the 10,000 tinted colours in the vast range at Dulux.

Dulux Trade Diamond Matt is touch dry after around 2 hours, but wait 4 hours before applying additional coats. You should dilute this paint when applying the first coat to bare plaster. You would normally require two coats of this paint to reach your desired finish.

Application via brush and roller, or airless sprayer. It is fully water-based, so dilute and clean-up with clean water.


My Dulux Diamond Matt Review


I like Dulux Trade, I always have. However, there are always a couple of products in every manufacturer’s range that I don’t like. Up until Dulux reformulated it recently, Diamond Matt was one of those products. It had an issue with picture framing and flashing in light-critical areas due to the sheen level of the paint and how it sat on itself. I wasn’t the only Decorator who disliked Diamond Matt. I was constantly seeing the same complaints from fellow Decorators on social media.

Dulux noticed the feedback and decided to do something about it. They put a lot of work into developing a new formula for Diamond Matt, and my god, what an improvement!!

The first thing you now notice when using Dulux Trade Diamond Matt now, is how well it flows from your brush and roller. It just glides across the surface, making cutting sharp lines and avoiding roller marks very easy.

The second thing you notice is how well it seems to sit on itself. You can literally see brush marks and orange peel melting away in front of your eyes! You can brush larger surfaces and get it silky-smooth and completely flat without any effort at all.

Opacity is great, apart from in white. There aren’t many durable matt emulsion products with good opacity in white…. I’m not sure whether that has something to do with the amount of Titanium Dioxide they can mix with an acrylic. Opacity in colours is fantastic!

The best thing about Dulux Trade Diamond Matt is the overall finish. Brushed and rollered sections blend brilliantly with each other. The sheen level is low, leaving a contemporary depth. Even the colour feels rich and luxurious. Everything about this paint is gorgeous!

Just be mindful that Dulux Trade Diamond Matt in white or brilliant white is likely to take an extra coat. If you’re going for a colour change and the finished surface is to be white, then I’d suggest blanking out the colour with a coat of vinyl matt first. The overall finish will still be lovely.

If you’re using it in a tinted colour, then you really are in for a treat. I’d recommend this paint to anyone.

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What is the difference between Dulux Matt and Diamond Matt?

Dulux Matt is a retail product which contains very little polymer binder, meaning the paint is not very durable at all. Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt contains more polymer, meaning it is more durable. Dulux Trade Diamond matt is the next step up in terms of durability.


Is Dulux Diamond Matt wipeable?

Dulux Diamond Matt is wipeable to a point. It will withstand a quick wipe over with a damp cloth, but you may damage the paint if you scrub at it. If you want something that is really durable, then go for Dulux Diamond Eggshell. This has more of a sheen, but you’ll struggle to find a more durable emulsion.


Is Dulux Diamond Matt good for kitchens?

Oh yes! Because of the polymer in Dulux Diamon Matt, I think it’s one of the best kitchen paints available. It will withstand steam and won’t absorb contaminants.


Does Diamond Matt have a sheen?

The old formula Dulux Diamond Matt had quite a high sheen level, which led to problems with flashing and picture framing. However, since they redeveloped it, it’s now a very flat and luxurious matt.

Dulux Diamond Matt Review – by Mike Gregory

Updated Feb 1, 2024 | Posted Jul 17, 2023 | 1 comment

1 Comment

  1. Richard

    I used this today l actually managed get a free 5l sample online with code, had to be quick though

    It’s definitely an improved product nice and flat, however it was in white so disappointing coverage new plaster
    1 fairly strong mist Dulux trade vinyl
    2 diamond Matt’s.
    In all honesty l would struggle to buy this especially in White and l can’t really go by the MacPherson durable Matt for price and coverage /finish.

    It’s half the price yet still a very decent product absolutely streets ahead of Amstead durable white poor coverage and Johnstone/ Leyland both far too high sheen.

    Crown clean extreme best mainstream
    brand if cost not an issue.


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