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Dulux Diamond Matt Review – Durable Emulsion

Updated Mar 8, 2021 | Posted Feb 23, 2020 | Paints, Product Review | 18 comments

Dulux Diamond Matt Review

Dulux Diamond Matt Review

By Mike Gregory


Dulux Diamond matt is a durable matt emulsion manufactured by Akzo Nobel. It can be mixed into any of the vast colours in the Dulux range, as well as white or magnolia. It can be purchased from about a million different stockists, including DDC and B&Q, as well as online at the Paint Shed. Diamond matt boasts a class 1 scrub rating which is very durable for a matt emulsion. Recoat time is 4 – 6 hours, but you’re pretty much good to go once it’s touch dry really.



The shelf price of 5L Dulux Diamond matt in a tinted colour at DDC is £73. That seems expensive, but it is the same as the Johnstone’s equivalent. If you open a trade account, you will be eligible for a discount and your price will be lower. The cheapest place I have found it online is Paintshed, who also do some Armstead paints if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. It is still quite a chunk of cash for a tin of emulsion. I don’t mind paying a premium for a premium product, so how does the Diamond matt stack up?


Quality and Finish

Diamond Matt comes with a few issues unfortunately. One of these issues is the sheen level of the paint, which is far too high for a matt emulsion. You can also have problems with roller marks and picture framing, so the overall finish isn’t good at all. You will notice the problems more in a hallway because you tend to look across the walls, rather than straight at them. You can’t touch the paint up either, but that is a problem with most modern emulsion products. It can also pull on itself, so if you cut a room in, you may need to wait for it all to dry before rolling it, otherwise the roller will take the paint off again. Nightmare!



Are there any plus points you ask? Not many. Diamond matt is priced as a premium product but doesn’t perform like one. Opacity is ok, but other than that it’s a big no from me. I’d maybe give it a 4/10.


Armstead Durable matt

I thought I’d mention this product because it is an alternative to Dulux Trade Diamond matt and is also made by Akzo Nobel. Armstead Durable matt is cheaper, has less of a sheen and a much better finish. Opacity isn’t the best and occasionally you find yourself having to apply an additional coat of paint. I still think it is better than Dulux Diamond though and represents much better value. This one gets a 6/10 from me.


What Do Other Decorators Think?

Dulux Diamond matt is expensive, and I know a lot of people don’t like it. It’s not my favourite, but on the positive side it goes a long way. If you thin it down it goes even further and this helps overcome some of the usability issues people mention. I’ll probably get shot down in flames for saying that, but I don’t have a problem using it – it’s just that there are cheaper options that I’m just as happy (if not happier) using.

Robin Gofton

Overpriced needs diluting a lot. There are better products out there at a fraction of the price

Jason Gibbons

Dulux Diamond matt is horrible stuff!! 4 coats on a wall and it still picture framed

David Lamb

I prefer the Johnstone’s durable matt, although I have used this and not found to much of an issue. Any high pigment paint will frame if you don’t operate a wet cutting edge rather than letting it dry. I also found if you weren’t quick enough with your cuts it would start pulling away from the wall as it skins thicker being a more durable paint.

Kris Devos

We use Dulux Diamond matt a lot, it’s not very good. Doesn’t cover well, picture frames and doesn’t touch up.

Chris Davies

Not a fan at all, can dry very patchy (even when thinned down) especially in very light conditions.

Stuart Watt

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Dulux Diamond Matt Review

Updated Mar 8, 2021 | Posted Feb 23, 2020 | 18 comments

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  1. J.W.Painting

    johnstones cleanable matt is much better and johnstones perfect matt is best on the market though not as tough but still has a class 1 scrub rating

    • Kathryn

      Hi..Would you recommend the Johnstones cleanable matt as a good, tough, durable, wipeable paint for a hallway??

      • Mike Cupit

        yes, the cleanable is Johnstone’s most durable emulsion so it is perfect. It may even be a little OTT

        • Richard

          Tikkurlia durable 5 is a great product, nice and flat finish touches up pretty well..
          Any competitors colour mixed closely.
          Far superior to dulux.
          Sadly dulux diamond matt is a terrible product.
          Far too shiny finish, bands on edges and cracks over caulk

  2. Philip Gilbert

    Hi there Has anyone had problems using this paint in enclosed shower areas. Have fin shed 2 shower rooms and the paint seems to show some form of water damage . Peeling and colour change. Walls and ceilings have been properly sealed etc.

    • tarik khalaf

      I have use it twice it has to be done in two coat so as the paint can kick and works 100%
      Do not do it in one coat it want work as a washable it has to be done twice

    • tarik khalaf


      All bathroom paint has to be anti mould paint please use easy care bathroom it comes in 2.5l and its anti mould

      • Mike Cupit

        Hi Tarik

        Easycare is a retail product. Cheaper than trade but made to a tighter budget. The quality isn’t the same I’m afraid

    • Chris Walters

      Zinsser Permawhite matt on ceiling and walls in Bathrooms and other areas subject to high humidity. It is really hard wearing and goes on like cream cheese. Tinted Permawhite is 100% stable. They do it in a midsheen as well. I am sure there is a thread dealing with this product and I dare say the consensus is the same. One thing to note is because it is a latex paint , it is important to brush out evenly when cutting in.

    • Kaz

      Disaster finish paint bleeding – water marks
      Running down walll marks all over our shower room dulux partly accepting paint issue but also trying blame our shower room which as been perfect for many years no issue previous paint

  3. Anthony Mitchell Decorating Services

    Hello I’m new to this forum , just wanted to say just used Dulux diamond white for the first time. Not impressed , same issues with Crown clean extreme. Poor coverage and picture framing. What dulux need to say on the tin is you can wipe it to death , but you might struggle covering in two coats , even though the walls were white already. If my customer wants a third coat Dulux can pay for the additional labour.

  4. Richard Cresswell.

    Deluxe Trade Diamond Matt in a Hall Stairs and Landing very, very disappointed, should have read the reviews first! Thought it was me until i read other reviews.

  5. Paul White

    I would like advice on which white paint to use in a bathroom. I’m not a fan of shiny vinyl look. Is there a matt finish which would stand up to moisture?

    • Chris Walters

      Permawhite Matt by Zinsser is incredible and can be tinted. Ceiling and walls in Matt and there is no unsightly shine. The paint flows beautifully and it adheres extremely well to properly prepped walls and ceiling. It is extremely hard wearing and it prevents mould. It gets top Mark’s from me. I have been in the trade since 1982 and even though the dreaded VOC directives have impacted the quality of many paints over the years you can’t say the same for the relatively new kid on the block ‘Permawhite’.

  6. Daniel Armstrong

    Career painter here – honestly my experience with Dulux Diamond products here in Canada has been different from what many of you report. I’m not sure if its formulated any differently depending on what part of the world you buy it.

    In particular we’ve enjoyed its excellent flow, uniform appearance, and hides quite well in the bases and tints we’ve used. For the price, its a much better value compared to say Ben Moore products like Regal and even Aura(Aura by the way is not what it used to be IMO).

  7. Chris Walters

    There is another problem which was pointed out to me by my client, it doesn’t adhere or hold up to any wear and tear on correctly prepared surfaces. The previous base was a High Opacty emulsion which was painted over the top of Vinyl Matt. The surface was bonded prior to finishing with Shellac primer. A tape test confirmed adequate preparation. The walls were de-nibbed and two coats of Dulux Diamond were applied. The first problem I noticed was the impossibility to touch up and the second more worrying fault was failure to adhere to the primer. I have now got to do a total job with a product I can trust which is Crown Clean Extreme. As an aside, for bathrooms and high moisture areas I recommend Permawhite by Zinsser. The Matt is fantastic on walls and ceilings.

  8. Natalie Harrison

    What a nightmare using Diamond trade Matt. The marks left are unbelievable, we thought it was our fault. It’s peeling and blistered off in places. It may be a scrubble surface but I’d gladly not have that and have a decent finish instead.
    The cost has been exhobitant, I’m doing a whole new build house.
    Was advised to use as a mist coat. Don’t bother. I shall have to paint the ceiling in the lounge a fourth time, but I won’t be using Diamond Matt again.

  9. Peter Hill

    Hi everyone
    Being a Dulux Select decorator I do tend to use a lot of the trade products so customers can have a guarantee I occasionally find problems with diamond mat how do you say picture framing but it’s a case of thinning down the first coat working in pairs eradicating the picture frame scenario all in all I would give the paint eight out of 10 but that’s me I love my Dulux products


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