Macpherson Eclipse Review – Interior Emulsion

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Macpherson Eclipse is a water-based contract matt which is manufactured at the Crown Paints factory in Darwin. It generally comes in white and magnolia and you would use it on bare plaster due to the breathability of the paint. However, it is also a very popular finish for a ceiling. Click here to see current prices.

Do not use this paint as a topcoat in a kitchen or bathroom because it isn’t very durable. Some decorators will use a contract matt as a mist coat, but please check the manufacturer’s instructions before doing this.

Drying and recoat time is approximately 2 hours. Ease of use is like most other contract matt emulsions; in that it drags on the second coat. This is down to the paint being very porous and the existing paint sucking moisture out of paint you’re applying.

As far as contract matt emulsions go, Macpherson Eclipse is up there as one of the best. Crown know this and keep the price as low as possible to entice professional decorators through the doors at CDC, meaning this paint is great value for money.

The opacity of Macpherson Eclipse is pretty good. It will cover bare plaster in two generous coats, and you can get away with one coat if you’re giving your ceiling a quick refresh in the same colour.  The finish is flat with very little picture framing and flashing.


I have used Macpherson Eclipse in rental properties as a decorator. There are better paints out there, but none better for the price you pay for Eclipse. Landlords need to keep the costs down, so being able to go in, apply a thick coat of Macpherson Eclipse to the ceilings and walls, then leave the property looking fresh and clean, is perfect.

Another great quality of this paint is how easily it sprays. You’ll find it flows easily, you’ll be able to apply two or more coats in quick succession, and it’ll look awesome! Click here to see current prices.


Best Tools to Use When Applying MacPherson Eclipse


As already mentioned, MacPherson Eclipse is a contract matt. As such, you need to think about the brush and roller to use to apply it. You need tools that will hold and dispense a lot of material, otherwise the paint will drag, and you’ll be left with a substandard finish.

You won’t find a better roller for contract matt than the Purdy Colossus. The sleeve has a dense, long pile nap, which is perfect for the job in hand. By using a roller like this, you’ll make life a lot easier for yourself. Available online by clicking here.

As for the brush, you just need something with a thick stock, isn’t too soft, and will hold enough paint. The Purdy monarch Elite is fantastic. Available online by clicking here.

Mike Gregory – Macpherson Eclipse Review

Updated Feb 13, 2024 | Posted Mar 21, 2022 | 2 comments

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  1. Richard

    Great gear for no flashing light sensitive ceilings etc touches up a dream, its the best contact matt by far at this price level however for basecoating its a touch soft, you cant beat the amstead contract matt it seems to have more of a skin/better finish on it.

  2. Michael

    Unfortunately many top branded white emulsions simply don’t give the same finish they used to. Alot of decorators like myself struggle to find a white contract or even vinyl Matt that doesn’t picture frame or flash on flat cielings and it’s down to companies cutting costs and mandatory changes to regulations. McPhersons on the other hand is the polar opposite. This emulsion is fantastic for coverage and finish. It leaves a high quality solid white finish which looks great in any frame of light, with the added bonus that it can be touched up if needs be without the hassle of having to do the whole cieling again. The price is also great especially when wanting to keep overheads low. Highly recommend and will use time and time again.


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