Tikkurila Multistop review. A water-based stain block undercoat / primer for bare timber

Tikkurila Multistop Review

By Mike Gregory


As a decorator, I do dabble with quite a few Tikkurila products. Some I love, others I really don’t get on with. One Tikkurila product that has opinions divided on “Decorating Products Reviewed” is Multistop. To be honest I do like it, but there are a couple of drawbacks to it. This is my Tikkurila Multistop review, hope you find it useful.


What is Multistop?


Tikkurila Multistop is a water-based acrylic primer undercoat, mainly used on bare timber. On top of this, it also blocks most stains which is an added bonus.


Benefits and Performance


The first thing that strikes you about Multistop is the smell, it’s sweet and delightful. I know you’re not going to buy a paint product because of it’s smell, but it’s still lovely. Please don’t eat it though. Multistop might smell nice, but the taste is horrible!!


Right I’ll get serious. It is so easy to use!! It just flows lovely either by brush or sprayer, even on something as porous as MDF. It also blocks tree sap, meaning you don’t have to treat knots with a separate product. Oh, and because it blocks other stains, you can use a water-based topcoat whilst safe in the knowledge you won’t have any issues with tannings. Another bonus is it doesn’t craze on top of caulk.


It seals timber and MDF perfectly too and takes a good sand off with your 180, making the perfect base for your topcoats. The only other thing I can say is it has quite good adhesion properties too. I know some decorators on the Forum who actually use it on previously varnished timber before overpainting, although I wouldn’t recommend it personally.


The Downside of Tikkurila Multistop


There are only two negative things I can really mention. The first is the lengthy drying time. We’re talking 16 hours before you can paint over the stuff. I think that may be down to the stain blocking qualities, but who knows?


The second thing is the price. There’s no easy way of saying this so just brace yourself! It’s £140 for a 10 litre bucket in white!! It may be possible to get a trade discount by joining the Pro Club.


Tikkurila Multistop can’t be tinted either, but neither can other acrylic primers, so I’m not too bothered about that.




Yeah, I love the stuff. Don’t listen to the haters, I know it’s expensive, but it’s well worth it. Think of it as a high end, premium paint. I love the stain blocking capabilities it brings to the party. It means as a decorator I know I can leave a job and it’ll still look mint months later. Click here if you want to see other Tikkurila product reviews.

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Tikkurila Multistop Review – Primer / Undercoat