Dulux Weathershield Paint Review

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Dulux is probably the brand leader when it comes to exterior paint. I use these products a lot as part of my job as a professional decorator. So I thought it was time to give you my personal Dulux Trade Weathershield paint review.

To do that, I’ll take you through the more mainstream trade products from the Dulux exterior range. You can use this blog as a guide. I’m going to stick to trade products which are available from any DDC. You pay extra for trade, but the quality speaks for itself. However, unless you qualify for a trade discount, it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy these products online. Click here to see online prices.


Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paint Review


Dulux Trade Weathershield masonry paint is a fantastic product. The opacity is bang on, as is the finish. You can apply this paint straight over stonework without the need of a separate primer. It has an elastic feel to it, as all good quality masonry paints should have. The paint is also “shower proof” within half an hour of applying it, meaning there is less chance of you getting caught out by a sudden downpour.

Re-coat time is around 2 hours and you can get it mixed into any colour from Dulux’s vast range. Weathershield masonry paint is fantastic value for money too. The only real negative is this paint isn’t very breathable, meaning it can trap water into a surface. Avoid using it on surfaces such as garden walls or stone fence posts.

I’m going to give Dulux Weathershield masonry paint 8/10. I’d say it’s one of the best trade masonry paints on the market.


Dulux Trade Weathershield Undercoat and Gloss Review


Dulux Trade Weathershield Gloss comes as a three-part system. You have an oil-based primer, undercoat, and then gloss. In my opinion, it is a 4-coat system over bare timber, and 3 over previously painted (2 coats of gloss to give it the flexibility needed for longevity).

I really like the Dulux Weathershield gloss system. You achieve a real high gloss, crisp finish which looks mint for years! A lot of people don’t bother with the second coat of gloss, so don’t worry too much about it. Opacity of this product is ok, the ease of application is a little iffy, but it’s ok. You can have problems with brush marks when painting doors and the like, so use a mini roller, then lay off.

Dulux Weathershield Gloss gets a 9/10


Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick Dry Opaque Review


Dulux Trade Quick Dry Opaque is basically a barn paint or “multi-surface paint”. It is fully water based and dead easy to apply. You are left with a luxurious matt finish. There are a few major issues with this product. The first one is the price which is way more than similar, or better products from different brands. Also, barn paint should have great adhesion and you should be able to apply it onto anything.

The Dulux Trade Opaque takes a separate undercoat, meaning you need to buy another product. The other downside is it doesn’t last, so expect to have to repaint every few years. I’m sorry Dulux, you have got this one wrong.

Dulux Trade Quick Dry Opaque gets a 4 / 10. It does a job but there are better choices out there. My recommendation is use Zinsser Allcoat as an alternative.


 Dulux Trade Ultimate Opaque Review


The Dulux Trade Ultimate opaque is like the quick dry opaque, but solvent based. I love this product and I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves. You can have it tinted into any Dulux colour, touch dry in 6-hours, recoat the next day. Opacity in colours is bang on, in fact 1 coat on a colour change is sometimes enough! Ease of use is good too, as is the finish. The ultimate opaque will last around 10 years before needing to be redone.

9/10 from me


Dulux Trade Ultimate Exterior Woodstain Review


Dulux Trade Ultimate Exterior Woodstain is solvent based, fairly fast drying, stands up well to British weather and for a woodstain, the opacity is bang on! You can have issues with brush marks and it doesn’t dry nice and flat like say Sikkens. It may not be the best choice on big flat doors. However, on windows or soffits it is hard to beat. We do have a blog on the best exterior woodstain if you’d like some alternatives.

Dulux Trade Ultimate Exterior Woodstain gets a 8/10


Dulux Metalshield Review

Dulux metalshield is worth a mention. I always compare metal paint to Hammerite as that was the brand leader for many years. Hammerite can be applied directly onto rust, whereas the Dulux metalshield cannot. You need to spot prime any rust with an oxi primer as part of your prep. Opacity isn’t quite as good either. Saying that, you never need more that 2 coats which is all you can ask for.

Where the Dulux does come into its own is ease of use. Hammarite is thick and gloopy which makes life hard work. You can’t even dilute it. Dulux metalshield is a bit sticky but compared to any comparable products it is a joy. Brush marks aren’t as much of an issue either. In fact, the finish of this product is bang on.

I haven’t used the water-based version. But the oil is a great product. Easily gets 7/10. It would be 8 or 9 if it wasn’t for the extra prep needed


Final Thoughts


What can I say, I’ve been using these product years. I tend to stick with Dulux Weathershield over the Crown or Johnstone’s alternatives. I know Dulux can be pricey, and some products are better than others, but overall, I think Weathershield paint is good. These products dependable and not only will they look good when you’ve finished painting, but they’ll also last. Click here to see online prices.


What do Other Decorators Think About Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint?

I haven’t used the full range of Dulux Exterior paint, but the Weathershield gloss is up there with the best oil-based on the market. Tikkurila Miranol is good but you need the 2nd gloss for full sheen, I find Weathershield gloss is that shiny with 1. Have used the water based satin and opaque and been impressed too. The opaque as good as any other water based opaque in my opinion including Demidekk and Superdec

Stooie Walker

Professional Decorator

Weathershield is probably Dulux’s best range of paints. Dulux Trade Weathershield masonry paint has one of the best opacities across all brands. The oil gloss is great stuff, I’ve only really had issues with red, but I think I read before that it’s down to the make-up of red paint rather than a Dulux issue. Water-based undercoat is solid. The Opaque stuff is fantastic, the water based especially. However, most other Dulux water-based products still lag behind other brands, but overall, Weathershield is an excellent system to use.

Lee Brown

Professional Decorator

I’m a big fan of the Dulux Trade opaques, both oil and water-base. However, the oil does need a little help regards drying at time. Another good product the external quick dry satin. I find you can apply this with speed and recoat very quickly.

Scott Brearley

Professional Decorator

Dulux Weathershield trade smooth masonry paint has great opacity. I’ve found the 7.5 litre tubs are easy to lift and handle when working on scaffold, although you can get 10 litre tubs.

Pete Clark

Professional Decorator

Dulux Weathershield undercoat and gloss system; great to work with and brilliant long lasting finish. Do find the oil undercoat even when dry remains a tad tacky so hard to rub between coats, so recommend using the Weathershield quick drying undercoat followed by the oil finish top👍

Dec to Spec Limited

Professional Decorator

Weathershield undercoat and gloss; Opacity is not great with dark colours, even if you get the same colour match with the Weathershield undercoat the reds are a nightmare. Three coats on this door. The finished results were perfect

dulux ecerior paint range - the best paint to use on a front door


Paul Oakes

Professional Decorator

I’ve gone off the metalshield gloss. Over the last few years, it seems very oily and not good coverage. Johnstone’s metal paint for me.

Scott Brearley

Professional Decorator

Weathershield is Dulux’s best range of paint! I find that it’s a little better than the Johnstone’s in darker colours. Johnstone’s seems to go funny colours every time it rains, but then dry out the same as it was before rain. No Dulux Weathershield available in Cornwall right now, not a bloody sausage. I’ve even got the bottom half of a new build house cut in in first coat waiting for paint to roll and second coat as soon as it comes into stock at either Dulux (daylight robbery) Dec Centre or Brewers…

Ross Ratty

Professional Decorator


I always use the Dulux Quick Dry Opaque on all my windows, doors, fascia and any other exterior woodwork. I find it covers well and you can get two coats in under an hour. Weathershield masonry has great coverage, never bother with the gloss as you only get 8 years life out of it and that is if you use the hole 1 2 3 process. You get 10 with opaque so I steer my customers towards that. In my opinion the opaque covers better than Zinsser All Coat, Sandtex and Truegard. They’re the only ones I’ve tried.

Roger Williams

Professional Decorator

You can’t go wrong with any of the Dulux Trade Weathershield range. Let’s be honest, it’s one area where Dulux really excel. I particularly like the undercoat and gloss system. It lasts for years and the sheen level and overall finish are phenomenal! Apart from Sikkens (which is also owned by Akzo Nobel), there is no paint quite as shiny, especially in blacks or dark colours. The only time it’s a bit of a pain is when you’re using deep reds, but you get that with most brands.

The Dulux Weathershield masonry paint is amazing gear too! I’d say it is the best masonry paint on the market for price and performance. Magnolia and white are cheap enough, it’s just the tinted colours that can get a bit pricey.

Same with the All Seasons masonry paint. That gear is VERY expensive, but it performs like nothing you’ve seen before. Everything dries a flat matt and looks boss. Armstead pliolite is a cheaper alternative if price is an issue.

Scott Murphy

Professional Decorator

Dulux Trade Weatherhield is all I use on any of my external decorating jobs. That is mostly down to the longevity of the finish and the protection it offers on any surface. I don’t like the quick dry stuff and you do have to pay a premium for any Dulux product. I still love any of their oil paints though. The all-seasons masonry paint is awesome!!

Rob Pots

Professional Decorator

Updated Jul 17, 2024 | Posted Sep 5, 2019 | 11 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.
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  1. Richard

    Drying times with the new Johnstone stormshield masonry are vastly improved it dries at 2c where the Dulux is 7c. This could make a huge difference to painters , especially as we approach colder months.
    Also the spreading rate has been pushed up to 17sm on a par with the weathershield.
    Regards the Dulux all seasons, it’s excellent paint yes it’s pricey however it spreads 16 sm V the main rivals which offer 6.5 sm /8sm to 10sm if your lucky.
    I find you need half as much all seasons as others and all seasons offers a vastly superior finish also goes on in much quicker time.
    All things gathered the Dulux all seasons is probably cheaper per litre and time saved than all other oil based masonry.
    The weathershield gloss is incredibly slow drying and every brush mark in colours shows. Costing the painter time and money to recoat. I do not like this product s application, the Johnstones stormshield gloss beats it by miles in my view.

  2. Nat Mitch

    Which product and under coat do you recommend for exterior walls in a coastal town with salt issues?
    Thank you


    Ultimate opaque oil based has the best finish of any paint I have used
    Recommended every time

  4. David white

    Re Mike Gregorys comments regarding quick dry v ultimate opaque regarding how long it lasts. I have used the quick dry and have had to touch up sills every 2 years and re coat 4-5years.
    I am looking for a water based exterior paint for wood so would welcome any alternative to the dulux product.

  5. Richard

    Not what it says on the can!

    The name “Weathshield” implies it is shielded from the elements of the weather?


    I refer to Weathshield exterior 10-year guaranteed gloss paint
    I painted my garage doors and and front door to match and the paint has faded on the garage doors after only 4 years. Now it needs repainting
    I wrote to AkzoNobel and gave them all the details together with phtographs.

    This is the response I received:-

    Thank you for the information provided. I can see that the garage door has faded slightly compared to the front door. The Weathershield guarantee is unfortunately for the protection of the surface and does not include the colour as this can fade due to UV light.

    Our experts are always discovering new ways to make our products last longer. But all coloured materials can become bleached by UV light – even our paints.

    Where strong sunlight affects tone, it typically lightens or bleaches the shade. Different colours use different tinters to create the hue, and the sun bleaches some tones out quicker than others. We would recommend lightly rubbing down the surface and recoating.

    Kind Regards

    Kiran Puwar

    Technical Advice & Customer Service
    T: 0333 222 7070 (Trade)
    T: 0333 222 7171 (Retail)
    Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd
    The AkzoNobel Building
    Wexham Road
    SL2 5DS

  6. Colin

    I have been very disappointed with weather-shield exterior undercoat & gloss as part of the 3 part system, I think is not fit for purpose since the VOC compliant compound change. The exterior woodwork was prepared with all loose paint removed, rubbed down, all bare wood was treated with the recommended wood preservative, followed by the undercoat & gloss, and it has started to flake after just two years!!! Anyone else have similar problems?

    • Mike Cupit

      Hi Colin,

      I’ve been using Dulux Weathershield all my working life, and always found the longevity to be fantastic

  7. Eric Gibbons

    Hi, I have just decorated a new ply faced beach hut door with the 3 way system, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of undercoat and 2 coats of gloss and just discovered that there is hardly any adhesion to the ply. The coats of paint just peel of very disappointing. looks like a complete strip off. Any ideas as to why?

  8. david stone

    I require your Weathersheild Ultimate. I live in Truro Cornwall and have tried but no stock. Help

  9. Simon

    I purchased this product twice on successive days. Two different colours, both greens (one light, one dark) from the ntb range. The first one had a little separation (flocculation), the second was an absolute disaster. (I’ve had to re-prepare the door in question as a result).
    Rang Dulux, who reformulated the tint, and said try again… but want me to spend 2 hours going and picking it up from one of their decorator centres. I’ve chosen a different brand instead. I wouldn’t in future touch this stuff with a bargepole.

  10. Paul Wright

    I am a advocate of Dulux paint (expensive but good) but like most other decorators I often use other more competitively priced products, however the Dulux Weathershield masonry paint is not only competitively priced but it’s the best (in my opinion). I used Sandtext the week previous and was disappointed on how poor the opacity was so I switched to Dulux and was super impressed. It was thick and could take at least 20% thinning but still covered a previous white painted render in one coat.


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