Johnstone’s Trade Paint Review Mike Cupit

Johnstone’s Trade Paint Review

Mike Gregory


Johnstone’s Paint is owned by PPG, who are the worlds largest coatings company. They also own Leyland Paint, as well as manufacturing white label brands such as Homebase, Wicks, and many more. It’s worth noting that Johnstone’s Trade do a lot of variations of some of their products, meaning things can get confusing at times. I’m just going to stick to the more popular mainstream products for my Johnstone’s Trade paint review. Johnstone’s paint is available from many outlets, but if you are visiting their trade center you may want to read this article as well.

Johnstone’s Trade Covaplus


Johnstone’s Covaplus is their version of vinyl matt. You can get it tinted into anyone of Johnstone’s vast colour range and price wise it sits somewhere in between it’s Crown and Dulux counterparts. You can achieve a nice flat finish and opacity is bang on. A really good product all round. In fact, Covapplus is probably the best standard trade vinyl matt on the market.

I’d give Johnstone’s Covaplus 8/10


Johnstone’s Trade Endura


The Endura is Johnstone’s Trade Durable matt. Well it’s one of them anyway, they also do durable acrylic matt and cleanable matt (told you it can get confusing). They’re all pretty much the same, but with different levels of durability.

Let’s stick with the endura, and again, it is a good all-round product. Opacity on light colours can be a pain, so expect to have to give it a third coat. As far as finish and durability goes, you’re onto a winner. I recommend this product regularly. They also do acrylic durable and cleanable, both very much the same product in my eyes.

Johnstone’s Trade Endura gets 9/10


Johnstone’s Trade Acrylic Eggshell


There isn’t much I can say about acrylic eggshell really. It’s basically the same in any trade brand and Johnstone’s Trade doesn’t stand out as any different. It can be tinted to any colour, has good opacity apart from the white, makes great emulsion and is almost durable enough to use on woodwork. Johnstone’s acrylic eggshell would be a great choice for a kitchen or bathroom.

I’m not going to rate Johnstone’s Trade eggshell.

Johnstone’s Trade Jonmat


Jonmat is Johnstone’s Trade premium contract matt. It used to be terrible, but they changed the formula a while back and it’s ok now. Strange stuff though! The opacity of it is fantastic, but it dries ridiculously fast. Great for spraying onto new plaster as you can apply your two coats one after another. It’s great if you want to get away with applying one coat over an already white ceiling. You can’t touch Johnstone’s Trade Jonmat up at all or it flashes like crazy! Other than that, it’s a great contract matt. It smells lovely as well.

Johnstone’s Trade Jonmat gets an 8/10


Johnstone’s Trade Satinwood


Johnstone’s Trade Satinwood is an oil-based satinwood that does everything it’s supposed to. It is self-undercoating over primed, or pre-painted surfaces. It has plenty of body, good opacity, easy to apply and leaves a nice finish. The only downside (and it’s a big one), is Johnstone’s Trade satinwood seems to turn yellow quite soon after you’ve applied it.

Because of the issue with discolouring, I’ll give Johnstone’s Trade Satinwood 6/10

Johnstone’s Aqua


The Johnstone’s Trade Aqua system is a waterbased (well hybrid) gloss and satin system designed for interior and exterior woodwork. It was voted the best waterbased gloss on the Decorators Forum UK, so it is a favourite amongst decorators. It takes a bit of getting used to, you need keep your brushes wet and sponge your woodwork with a damp rag just before you paint it. I’ve got to admit, I do like the Johnstone’s Aqua. It will start to yellow over time, but you’ll get a good few years out of it.

I’ll Give the Johnstone’s trade Aqua an easy 9/10

Johnstone’s StainAway


Johnstone’s StainAway is quite a special product, as it acts as a stain block and finish coat in one (white emulsion). An absolutely fantastic product for dealing with a nicotine stained ceiling, however it does struggle a bit with tougher stains. I wouldn’t bother with it on water marks or anything like that. You can also have problems with the finish unless you’re careful. Roller marks can remain visible on a light sensitive ceiling. That said, I still rate Johnstone’s StainAway and use it regularly.

I’ll go 7 and a half out of 10. It does have it’s drawbacks.


Johnstone’s Stormshield Flexi Primer, Satin and Gloss


These are exterior products designed to stand up to the Great British weather. It is important to use the appropriate flexi primer with your finish, because as the name suggests, both primer and topcoat can flex and move with exterior timber. The paint is thick and hard to use, but the opacity is absolutely bang on! I painted over dark green with white satin and it looked solid after one coat of primer and one topcoat. The only thing you need to watch out for is brush marks.

Johnstone’s Stormshield Flexi Primer, Satin and Gloss easily gets 8/10. Good products!


Johnstone’s Stormshield masonry


You expect a masonry paint to feel very elasticy and flexible. Johnstone’s Stormshield doesn’t, it is more like a thin emulsion. I don’t like that to be honest. You need a paint to bridge every indentation on stonework for it to look good and this just doesn’t. I don’t know, maybe its down to my personal preference, but I don’t get on with it. It is showerproof in 20 minutes which is a major plus point, it is easy to use and opacity is fine.

5/10 for me


Leyland Trade


Leyland Trade Paints are also made by PPG and are often sold side by side. They have an alternative product for every one of the Johnstone’s products I have just spoken about. Think of Johnstone’s as PPG’s premium brand and Leyland as their budget. Still trade quality and some awesome products, but they’re manufactured to a tighter budget.


Where to buy


Quite a few trade counters sell these products. If you want to go into a physical store, then you can’t go far wrong with Johnstone’s Decorating Centres which are located all over the place. The very best place I have found to buy Johnstone’s online is The Paintshed using discount code FORUM5 at the checkout. Buying online normally works out cheaper, especially if you don’t have a trade account instore.

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