Maston Hammer Spray Can Review

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Maston Hammer is an aerosol metal paint which is currently available from The Range in various colours. You can apply it directly to rust or bare metal without issue, and it will block any stains from bleeding through your paint finish. Drying time is approximately 15 minutes.


My Maston Hammer Spray Can Review


I’m a professional decorator, but up until recently, I’ve always been a bit old-school when it comes to painting railings, gates and other metal work. I would use old-fashioned products such as Hammerite. The issue with these products is they’re very thick, gloopy, and generally don’t give you a very nice finish.

Maston Hammer is different. Being an aerosol makes application much quicker, especially in tighter areas. The nozzle must have taken some developing because it produces a flat, narrow, fine spray, which is perfect for this sort of work.

Being a spray, and being as fine as it is, you’re left with a factory type finish on your painted surface. No more horrible brush and roller marks associated with the old-fashioned metal paints. Opacity is amazing too!! The material is quite viscous, but two coats is easily enough to cope with any heavy colour change.


Another advantage is the drying time! I’m used to metal products having a recoat time of 4-6 hours, which means you struggle to apply more than one coat of paint to your metal work in a day. Even the newer water-based metal paints are 4-hours plus. Maston Hammer is a mere 15 minutes! So, not only is it much faster to apply, but you can almost start the second coat, straight after the first!

The only downside of using Maston Hammer over conventional paint, is it is harder to flood imperfections. This is down to the application; it is much easier to force paint into a tight crevice with a brush than it is with an aerosol. That said, with a little bit of care, you can still achieve an amazing finish with Hammer, even on the roughest of surfaces.


Maston Anti Rust Primer


Maston Hammer can be applied directly to rust, so you don’t really need an anti-rust primer. That said, I normally use one anyway, especially if the surface I’m painting has heavy corrosion. Most decorators I know use oxide primers for this, but they come in liquid form and take 16 hours to dry!! Maston Anti Rust Primer only takes 15 minutes, and it’s a lot easier to apply. So, even if you’re not using Maston Hammer as your topcoat, it’s still worth having a tin of Maston anti Rust Primer handy when painting any metal work.

Maston Hammer Spray Can Review – by Mike Gregory

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Posted Oct 17, 2022 | 0 comments

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