dulux crown or johnstone's emulsion. Which is the best paint?

Dulux, Crown or Johnstone’s Emulsion, which is the Best Paint?

By Mike Gregory


Bit of a strange one this, but as a decorator I’m often asked which is the best, Dulux, Crown or Johnstone’s emulsion. There are plus and minus points for each, which I’ll take you through in a minute. I’m going to focus on vinyl matt, even though there are quite a few different variations on emulsion, each designed for a different purpose. If I wrote about all of them, we’d be here all day!

Something to understand is the difference between trade and retail paint. Each of the big 3 (Dulux, Johnstone’s and Crown) make separate versions of each product for each sector. Trade being the premium and retail being the budget. You should always look for the word “trade” on the tin or go to a trade outlet. That way you know what you’re buying. I’m going to focus on trade products in this review.


Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

Dulux seems to be the name most homeowners are familiar with, however vinyl matt isn’t their best product if I’m brutally honest. Opacity and ease of use are good, but for me, the sheen level is too high for matt paint. You can also have an issue with roller marks and picture framing. It is expensive too! I try to guide my clients away from Dulux when talking about emulsion. It’s a shame because Akzo Nobel make some amazing products, just not this one. You can pick this up at DDC as well as other stockists.


Crown Trade Vinyl Matt

Crown is a little bit understated in my opinion. They don’t pretend to be anything they are not, and pricing is fair. In fact, Crown Trade vinyl matt is the cheapest option on this page. The overall finish is a very rich flat matt and opacity is spot on. The only issue I do have with the product is the lack of polymer binders which make the paint durable. It seems to mark very easily so it isn’t ideal for a busy hallway or homes with young children. You can pick this up at CDC as well as other stockists.


Johnstone’s Covaplus

Covaplus is Johnstone’s trade vinyl matt. It sits in the middle of the other two when it comes to price, leaves you with a true matt finish and the opacity is brilliant. No complaints really, Covaplus does everything you need it to at a reasonable price. You can pick it up from JDC.


My Choice

So, the original question was which is the best paint. For me it is Johnstone’s Covaplus hands down. Followed by Crown Trade vinyl matt which is still a quality product, then Dulux which is the most expensive and worst performing out of the lot.


The cheapest place I’ve found to by Covaplus is Paintshed Use discount code FORUM5 at the checkout. However, it is available from many other stockists, as well as Johnstone’s decorating centres.

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