Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Matt For high traffic areas

Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Matt from Crown

By Daniel Wilson


Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Matt For high traffic areas such as hallways and corridors you need a paint that can be repeatedly cleaned without losing its ‘just painted’ appeal. That’s why Crown has developed its Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt – a true flat matt that stays matt even after rigorous cleaning. In fact, it has an impressive durability level of 10,000 scrubs and has been independently tested to ISO 11998 Class 1 scrub rating for guaranteed results.

As well as providing extra peace of mind on jobs where ongoing maintenance will put the paint finish to the test, the water-based Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt also offers all the benefits of being low odour, quick drying and available in hundreds of different colour options.



I tend to use class 1 Matt emulsion in high traffic area’s and never had a problem with it. For this review I painted a hall, stairs and landing that I had previously stripped and plaster primed 2 coats.

In the past, Crown Stain Resistant Clean Extreme Matt has been poor opacity with white. However, Crown identified the problem and improved the formula to compensate. This covered a base white in two coats of clean extreme which is impressive for a durable matt. The paint flowed well and didn’t pull, but I always cut it in and go around with a 4 inch roller.

The viscosity is just right too, so no need to water down. I did a big HSL and 5 ltr was plenty.



Well it will all depends on your discount as each decorator is different, Clean Extreme has a shelf price much lower than any of it’s rivals, but it’s about the same price as Dulux diamond and Johnstone’s perfect white for me.



Good scrubbable paint. matt finish Available in almost any colour. Plus the finish is lovely!!



Johnstone’s perfect white, Dulux Diamond Matt, Optiva 5, Isomat, Caparol, B&Q durable Matt



I think every manufacturer is doing a version of a class 1 scrubbable matt nowadays. Not all though do have a Matt finish as advertised. Some leave a mark when wiped too. Some are cheaper than others too but it’s good to have choices. Crown clean extreme is a good paint and I’d happily recommend it to my clients.


Thank you for reading my review. For more information click here. There is also a comparison blog on the Decorators Forum UK website on the best durable matt emulsion products available on the UK market. I’d say it’s well worth checking out if you’re still undecided about which paint to use.


Crown Clean Extreme stain resistant matt is available from any Crown Decorating Centre. It is good to go in and have a chat when buying paint at times. You can also buy it online. The best place I have found is the Paintshed.



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Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Matt For high traffic areas – Daniel James Wilson